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  1. he’s been shooting 43.8% and 73.4% for the last month. He’s been getting worse every week it seems. He’s been outside of the top 50 in that time frame. His ft shooting was an issue last year and looks like it is again this season. There’s no guarantee he will creep back up to the 80%s, if anything he’s creeping down to the low 70s/60s again.
  2. Kleber time...and I JUST dropped him before the game 😒
  3. Honestly I wouldn't do it. Are you punting ft? Ingram is worth more than Giannis if you're not punting ft. Hard to believe but it's true. Then you throw in Capela and Morant? Too much Thanks for helping with mine
  4. Maxi Kleber Prince Bogdanovic 12 team, 9 cat, h2h
  5. Kyrie is injury prone but he’s still young and very proven. I agree with the others
  6. I had a full lineup so I benched him hahahahahahaha hahahahahahahah someone shoot me
  7. Yes, do it. Ibaka is going to fall off with gasol back
  8. he should have been picked up ages ago in a 12 team...
  9. It's pretty shocking to me that a career 67% ft shooter can go 86% out of nowhere. A guy who only made 0.6 threes turn into a 2.5, 40% shooter. Rebounding better, passing it better. It's night and day.
  10. He had not looked great prior to season and now all of a sudden he turned into Kevin Durant? No one would have predicted that. I took Taurean Prince over him lol