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  1. I locked all teams from adding/dropping or making any roster changes until further notice. I'm the league Commissioner on my friends money league (14 team and 12 team leagues) and saw everyone from Twitter and other groups suggesting to lock all teams from changes My question is does it affect waiver wire claims (on yahoo btw)? Simmons capela towns and other injured stars are on waiver right now
  2. Yes you would get some 20mins PT ifthey are all healthy. But the word is IF because almost every game either one or two of Love Dummond or Thompson will sit.
  3. Absolutely bricking today. But hey he got the other peripherals
  4. Nuggets back at full strength. Drop city. Can't believe I hold him instead of Malik beasley
  5. Bam "fun to own" Adebayo must be his new nickname
  6. Owned him and Kat on my other league and voila. You're an Iron man until you are not. Goodbye fantasy
  7. Tsunami papi! One of my best 6rh - 7th rounder ever
  8. Yes he got injured (ankle) and didn't play the final 10 minutes of the game
  9. it is so much fun to own him and Shai! these wings are just so god damn good on D
  10. I'm just saying the truth. Heavy minutes most likely worn-out the players body unless your name has James in it
  11. BEASTING right now. Should have drafted this guy instead of Lauri if i knew that they will have almost same rebounds and 3s
  12. yeah i don't get other people saying hornets schedule is brutal and they include a 2 week span during the all star break. they only have one 2 game week remaining
  13. wow! Didn't know that my John Collins is playing today 😂