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  1. 3 keepers. Switching to FAAB next season. Owner took over a team a few weeks back and has left their lineup incomplete for the last two weeks. Team is currently in line for a first round bye so I want to get a replacement asap. Since this is a keeper league your spot will also be reserved for next season if you decide to keep it. Trade deadline is December 4th. Team - Settings -
  2. It is. Just post your email address here (or send a direct message) and I'll send you the invite.
  3. Owner has left roster incomplete on more than one occasion. As of right now the team is still in the playoff hunt and since this is a keeper league (3 keepers) you will have your spot in the league for next year should you want it. Link to team - Link to league settings - Switching to FAAB next season.
  4. Spot has been filled. Should I contact you in the event another spot opens up at any point this season?
  5. Team available - League Settings -
  6. Owner failed to attend the draft so you'll be taking over an already drafted team. Only respond if you plan on remaining active. Vacant Team - League Settings -
  7. I see I'm a few minutes late. I'll take Sasha Banks if the previous poster doesn't work out.