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  1. haha im in the same boat. I was going to make my own But i would love to join yours man. hillary.umeh@hotmail.com is my email . ! i am committed. I am not in any other nfl league this year only dfs so far.
  2. Going to Launch a new keeper league. I want to draft tuesday Lets fill this league ! First 13 people i will send invite. Also groupme is preferred so if you dont use it i would rather you not join! sorry just easier communication. I will update post with league stats. no kicker extra flex. When you post email , include if you use GroupMe , also include if you would like a kicker / one DP / or extra flex
  3. Hey are you interested in creating a groupme for this league
  4. Looking to adopt a fantasy team , dynasty is cool / keeper . I use groupme . Right now looking for only FREE . Send invites I will look at team . I’ll take the 0-16 teams too lol . #trusttheprocess hillary.umeh@hotmail.com thanks
  5. Looking to take over any abandoned teams in a good keeper league . Free preferred . Or entry fees under 50$ H2H pts or any format is fine . Hillary.umeh@hotmail.com im very active espn . Yahoo is good too but I would need roster to see roster
  6. Looking to take over any abandoned teams in a good keeper league . H2H pts or cat is fine . Hillary.umeh@hotmail.com im very active espn . Yahoo is good too but I would need roster to see roster
  7. Yeah do not do it . Harden is crazy and plus the PG/SG availability is great for matchups
  8. How many teams in league ? Your team is pretty solid , don’t see tyler Johnson as much of an upgrade .
  9. 20 team league . H2H total points , ESPN I have kawhi . should I accept the trades of Kawhi for Will Barton & Cauley-stein or Kawhi for Tobias Harris / Trevor Ariza
  10. Hey if you have depth, then yeah do the trade. But if 12 team and you are on the struggling side then i would not do the trade. AD potential 50 a night where combined those players might produce 30 each . Also if you can check out my post as well lol
  11. I am interested to check out the teams. Hillary.umeh@Hotmail.com
  12. hillary.umeh@Hotmail.com if you have any other teams available let me know
  13. I wouldn't do it. I believe Ingram is like borderline good. He doesn't match up because he still has the potential for multiple off nights with a rare explosion. I would not do the trade.
  14. Right before rondo returns. Attempt to drop green . Stash Dwight to the IR. If you want. You can keep rondo on the IR right now for matchup purposes you can check the schedule and see who will be playing that will best help that day. Positional wise , Tucker or Melton. I would definitely attempt to have melton before rondo returns. Keep him on the IR when he returns so that melton can still be used in case rondo doesn't get much playing time. You can still change up your matchup while he is in IR
  15. After seeing the other response I might switch my decision to the Ayton side. I am a Conley owner and he provides high categorical numbers. He has a risk but so far he didn't play around a few games that i can remember. 2 being last two games. But I do believe Ariza is on a somewhat decline, fournier is decent so he is par or spectacular or subpar some times.
  16. 8 man teams have really good depth in the wire lol. You can easily find a streaming player that is doing really well 30+. I would drop ingram. Check out the wire see whats up. What are the best options?
  17. Help me decide he best trade available . I would like Durant so i have no problem giving up pieces like Aldridge. I am aiming for a multi player trade. I would like durant/ warren / fournier to replace where I am lacking. Below are the teams: Thanks Greatly. 20 MAN LEAGUE. HEAD TO HEAD TOTAL PTS. My team: PG: Mike Conley SG: Tim hardaway SF: Kawhi Leonard PF: Lamarcus Aldridge C: Clint Capela G:Danny Green F/C: Javale Mcgee UTL:Derrick Favors Bench: PG: Elie Okobo, Quinn Cook SG:Wayne Ellington SF: PJ tucker, Solomon Hill PF: Ed Davis C: IR Zhaire Smith Kristaps Porzingis Jerryd Bayless HIS TEAM PG: Kyle Lowry SG: Tyler Johnson SF: Iman Shumpert PF: Kevin Durant C: Thomas Bryant G: Cameron Payne F/C: James Ennis III UTL: Dennis Schroder Bench: PG: Jerian Grant SG: Evan fournier , Seth Curry SF: T.J. Warren PF: C: Zaza pachulia, Miles Plumlee IR: Brandon Knight (he would have to drop before accepting) Thank you thank you thank you. Please help really searching to step up so i can win in playoffs. Im currently 6-3 so im doing decent. 20 man league