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  1. Is it precautionary to take him out or serious? If serious, I will drop.
  2. Watching live. Non contact injury. Gotta be season-ending Achilles. Kleber the pickup? Should I drop Darius Garland or Sekou to pick up Kleber?
  3. Agree. Having Bertans and Sekou sucks
  4. Today's Games: Away Home Tipoff DET WAS 2:00 PM ET TOR ATL 2:30 PM ET PHI BKN 3:00 PM ET ORL CHA 5:00 PM ET NYK CLE 5:00 PM ET SAC MIA 5:00 PM ET OKC HOU 5:00 PM ET NOP MEM 5:00 PM ET CHI MIL 5:00 PM ET LAL BOS 7:30 PM ET DEN MIN 8:00 PM ET SAS PHX 9:00 PM ET IND UTA 9:00 PM ET GSW POR 10:00 PM ET
  5. Markieff Morris has been balling. As a championship contender, of course Pistons would not give rookie high usage. I just saw Drummond passed Sekou the hot potato when shot clock wind down. What a dick
  6. Owning horford sekou huerter is real fun. Can’t score a basket, no boards no dime no jack ****.
  7. 12 T 9cat h2h Should I drop any of sekou/ Beverley/ garland (my last bench guys) and claim T bryant? He was recently dropped by some impatient owners in my league.
  8. Scott brooks is well known for dicking around players minutes in fantasy world. Just because he wears glasses, that doesn’t mean he is smart
  9. Bryant is dropped in my league. Should I drop any of sekou, Patrick Beverley and Darius garland and claim him?
  10. Should I start Patrick Beverley, Darius garland or doumbouya tomorrow? 12 teams H2H 9cat
  11. Shots not falling ...... low trade value.... gotta hold on then
  12. Got KAT for Kemba, Brook Lopez and Sato 5 days ago. Not gonna look back. Nope
  13. Cheers, old sport The moment I dropped Jordan Clarkson and brought KAT back from IL spot....ummmm..... I think i just came.