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  1. He was also touching Microphone around thinking it’s funny. I just think it’s such a dick move. C’est putain de stupide
  2. Schedule beginning week 21: 4, 3, 3, 4 I just added him for first week of playoff
  3. The fact that Minnesota was fined will hopefully lessen the load management situation. My league is a keeper league. Keeping him until the end of season will also give me some leverage even tho price is kinda high ($11 + 10)
  4. Competitive league’s waiver pretty dry I don’t need Harrison Barnes or Kyle kuzma hell no. Playoff begins week 21. Wizards 3443 I need a C/ PF. I’m currently 4th in my league. Preparation for playoff is not a bad move
  5. Don't feel bad. Just high FG. Return of Millsap just made him unrosterable for 12T
  6. Its only Cleveland two games in a row and Jimmy was out but it looks like he is able to turn it around. Got him from waiver and I could not be happier.
  7. We do not drop him. We just complain. 4 steals? Hell, I will take that anytime any day.
  8. The top guy in my league is trying to offer me Andre Drummond for my Russell Westbrook (He also owns Ingram whose value plummeted after Zion is back). HELL TO THE NAW!!!
  9. Don’t you dare comparing one of the crying babies of this generation to the legendary man.
  10. First week of playoff comes week 21 - 3/9/20. If he is playing, I proceed to second round. If not, bye. Period. My concern is 2 weeks from now on or 2 weeks since he’s out? That’s a huge difference
  11. Probably going to announce he is out for season. Same kyrie **** I think.
  12. I thought he was a safe top 60 pick. He is almost not 12T rosterable anymore
  13. Hot hand. Cannot be happier adding him. Ride him until it falls off.