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  1. Need to start 3 of these 4 receivers in standard. Lockett, DJ Moore, Mike Williams, Josh Gordon. Was leaning sitting Gordon, but with the AB news I'm not sure...
  2. I think I just need someone with a high floor in my flex. I say that because I feel like any my rb1/2 and wr1/2 can boom any given game, and have been pretty consistent all year. Foster has had a great couple last games, and I should probably have a little trust in him, but it's the Bills... If I happen to get out waiver'd for McGuire, I'll probably risk it. Or is my gut not in the right place? Lol
  3. Ok, looks like everyone so far has similar opinions on this, which I agree. Now I have to decide on WW priority. Engram or McGuire first?
  4. Cut it to 1 week, you definitely have more ?'s in week 17 with players possibly sitting out our being pulled early.
  5. IMO, Carson. Being @home and against a weak-ish KC run defense. He just seems more consistent than Mack. However, either one could have a good game since the Giants aren't great either...
  6. Made it to the Championship game in my Standard League, and need some opinions/advice, obviously trying to squeeze out as many points I can. I have to make a decision regarding my starting QB, Flex and possibly TE. Roster below: QB: Cam Newton QB: P. Rivers RB1: S.Barkley RB2: C.McCaffrey WR1: T.Hill WR2: S.Diggs QB Decision: Cam has been horrible lately, and P.Riv has been pretty consistent. Rivers is @home vs BAL and Cam is @home vs ATL. Cam put up 38 fantasy points in week 2 vs ATL. TE Options: Trey Burton, Ian Thomas. Engram, Hooper and Herndon are on WW, and currently have it set to drop Thomas for Engram. Who would you go with out of the 4? Flex: I've been flexing Adrian Peterson for the majority of the year, but his production has been way down since all of the injuries. My other options are D.Lewis, who is only averaging around 5 ppg. Spencer Ware who is possibly coming back from injury this week, but doubt his production due to Williams killing it last week. The WW options @RB would be either E. McGuire or K.Ballage. Looking at the WW for WR, only looks to be one decent option, and that's R.Foster, but I don't really trust the Bills offense. Who would you start/sit/pickup in my situation being the championship game with $$ on the line? WHIR
  7. I have the same situation this week (P.Riv or Newton). Right now I have Rivers starting.... Cam is dealing with a shoulder injury and didn't look very good last week. I'm hoping the KC/LAC game turns into a shootout like it did in week 1(38/28). In my league, Rivers put up 35 fantasy points @home against KC. I'm hoping that happens again, even though they are in KC this game. As for Ware/Samuels, I think the safe play would be Samuels, assuming Conner is still out. Ware on a short week dealing with a hamstring injury would make me think he won't be ready in time.
  8. IMO I would probably go with Hill & Allen. That game could turn into a shootout, where the Rams/Eagles game will probably be a blowout.
  9. Has been a good year so far, and I have clinched the #1 overall playoff seed in my Standard League. I am having a hard time deciding on who to start this week at QB... My options are: 1. Philip Rivers @KC 2. Cam Newton @home vs NO Both have me a little worried, as they didn't really perform up to expectations last week (P.Riv 15.5p @home vs Cin and Cam 10.9 @CLE). Either one could have a good week IMO, as both of the games could turn into shootouts. Opinions? WHIR.
  10. Edit: Forgot to mention this is a Standard League...
  11. 1st round of playoffs this week and I need some thoughts regarding my RB's and 1 WR slot. I'm currently leaning towards starting Ingram, Miller and Ware. Although the Steelers have shown they do give Samuels red zone touches (had a TD last week after Conner was injured). Start 3 of 4: Mark Ingram Lamar Miller Spencer Ware Jaylen Samuels Start 1 of 3: Larry Fitzgerald Adam Humphries Josh Reynolds Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks, that's what I was thinking as well. Now to decide on waiver order...
  13. Standard league, I currently have Jordan Reed & Trey Burton for TE's and Chicago as my defense. Looking toward the playoffs, I see a couple options on the waiver. Cameron Brate and Njoku are available for TE's. Should I drop Burton for either one? I'm leaning towards dropping Burton for Njoku since Burton has been really unreliable, and Reed might get more looks with Alex Smith out. Brate is also an option but I believe O.J. Howard will return soon and probably take over. As for Defenses, can't go wrong with the Bears, except the first playoff week (14) they are at home against the Rams. I have a player I can drop to roster a 2nd defense, and looking at the defenses available, here are what I believe to be better w14 matchups. What would you do? Titans @home vs Jags Bills @home vs Jets Saints @ TB Bucs Thanks for any input.
  14. Standard Flex help.. Adrian Peterson, Dion Lewis or Doug Martin?? A.P. has a battered line and a tougher matchup. Dion seems to get consistent touches and a decent matchup against the Colts. Martin is in the same boat but if the raiders fall behind quick then they use Richard. Thoughts?