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  1. Which one should I use? Keep going back and forth and currently have redskins in but they worry me but don’t think Seahawks will be big like they were 2 weeks ago against the Niners
  2. Brate or Engram or pickup V Davis.
  3. I actually have Seattle and Giants and I went and picked up the redskins and think I’m going to play them. Was going with Seattle but not sure they’ll put up the same as they did 2 weeks ago against the Niners. Please help with mine. TIA
  4. I think I would bench Adams. Tough one but think that’s who I’d sit.
  5. That’s a tough one. I think I’d play Cooks in your flex spot and sit either Chubb or Mixon. I think personally I’d sit mixon but if you feel better about him, then sit chubb.
  6. So I lost OBJ and I’m playing JuJu but not sure what to do about my other 2 wr spots. I can go with Ridley, DJ Moore, Sutton, or Pettis if he plays. Currently have Moore and Sutton in. I could grab someone like T Patrick, Crowder, Trequan Smith, J Reynolds, I McKenzie, T Taylor, D Hamilton, D Moore, J Ross, MVS, T Sherfield, etc... considering using DJ moore and picking someone like Crowder or Patrick up but am really stuck on what to do. Really wish I had went with my gut now and picked up M Williams and used him Thursday. Also to add my opponent has Brees so it makes T Smith an intriguing option. TIA
  7. I personally wouldn’t make it. Giving up to much giving up Ben and DJ I think plus now Boyd is going to be the number 1 with AJ done for the year.
  8. RE: J.Connor David J. Chao, MD‏Verified account @ProFootballDoc By video, appears to be a high ankle sprain. Hoping for mild but still can hamper him.
  9. I’d go Mack. Edwards is banged up and Dixon is back
  10. I haven’t heard but if Watkins is out I’d go Conley
  11. I like Humphries but with Hunt now gone and if Watkins is out Conley might be interesting.