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  1. Welp, after all the early JT enthusiasts sputtering college statistics and predictions, it turns out that he is less talented then Marlon Mack. Dude has probably the worst vision out of any RB I've seen with his measurables and I hope he sits in the film room until he figures it out. I truly hope he get's better next year. It definitely does look like his coaches excused him with a fluffy injury report based on his performance. I own a share of him in one league but he's riding my bench until further notice. Not a good situation AT ALL.
  2. I felt that way going into this years draft. Have him in 2/3 leagues and don't regret it.
  3. This exactly. Amari is cheering on the sidelines while his offense is out there. It's actually infuriating. The week over week downtrend of his usage is something to note as well.
  4. Best wishes to Dak, hoping for a speedy recovery. So terrible.
  5. Thanks for the data and good points. Here are my points: - YPC isn't a huge indicator, especially in college. Let's take Melvin Gordon from Wisconsin at 7.8 YPC on 631 attempts. Now running at 4.0 YPA in the NFL. I guess the OL between Big Ten & American Conference be scaled similarly if comparing Mack & Taylor? - Great, he's got 21 touchdowns compared to Melvin Gordons 29 in 2014, and Montee Ball (22 TD's on 356 attempts). It looks like the median in Wisconsin ball is to drop 20+ touchdowns on 300+ attempts, even if split between two RB's. - Being sandwiched betwee
  6. I consider Mack as an average running back (standalone) but above average given the OL. Mack will want money next year and I'm not sure teams will be paying hand over fist for him or any average RB. JT is the insurance policy for the Colts. Drafting him brings value in four ways. -They can trade Mack mid season to a SB/Playoff bound team. -They have locked in a rookie contract that can yield the same value as Mack did last season (based on his current ADP, I hope so). -JT has to work his a** off to win the #1 spot on the roster making it super competitive for both, benefit
  7. Marlon Mack was going super late, even ranked past NH tonight in my ESPN 12 teamer .5 ppr (3 WR). Seems like a decent cuff for barely any value if JT truly is the real deal.
  8. Can't wait to see how accurate he'll be this season with WR's that can actually create massive separation compared to the garbage he had at NE. Only exception was Edelman & Gronk, to which I'd say, always had some sort or suspension/injury that didn't allow them a full season. Godwin will eat, Evans will eat, Gronk may be a shell of himself but that's to be seen. Can't wait to see how it all shakes up.
  9. Drafted Sony last year - Love him but he runs violently at times and risks injury. I think that's the attitude that hoodie wants out of him though. Missed a ton of GL opportunities if I remember correctly too.
  10. Lost by 4 points and had gurly & woods. Gg and gl the rest of the season, what a playoff bust.
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