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  1. I still think don’t think it’s a bad idea to limit your risk and pick up a Herbert/Wentz/Tannehill off the waivers as insurance at some point during the season. last year alone Ben missed most of the season, Brees missed a ton of time, I think Mahomes missed some time, Cam was MIA. And I remember a few seasons before that several big name QBs went down with significant injuries. If you roll with one QB one bad break could really set your team back. Admittedly I do deeper leagues with 8 bench spots, which makes it much easier to carry a backup QB without sacrificing the bench space, but even when I do shallow leagues I almost always carry a secondary QB.
  2. Tell that to Dak owners I had Wentz/Tannehill backing up Dak in both leagues I had him and it may have saved my season.
  3. Need the Bears to hold Higbee to under 16.5 pts in standard to go 4-1 across leagues He hasn’t scored a TD since week 2 but when it rains it pours for this guy
  4. doubling down after a 200 yard performance? you didn’t see his third TD reception which may have been one of the best end zone catches of the season so far? I can promise you no Lockett owners were benching him, but a lot of them won because of him.
  5. Oh he fed the beast alright... 300 yards receiving and 3 TDs, I’ll take that to the bank
  6. looks like his contract is being loaded with performance incentives Hopefully stat heavy 👍
  7. So we can’t be excited that our free waiver pickup was personally recruited by Tom Brady to play for him?
  8. and you know this... how? Speculating that he won’t take snaps away from Lockett/Metcalf is essentially the same as speculating that he ends up posting WR1 numbers this season. Speculation is speculation no matter which side you’re on. What’s not speculation is the fact that he was a free pickup to anybody that made the move yesterday. As has been repeatedly stated, there is little downside risk to rostering AB with quite a bit of potential.
  9. Not sure how exactly you quantified that 99.9% percentage you referenced But like others said, this is a free burner pickup. There’s literally no risk and only upside potential. You’re acting like we’re over here spending a 2nd round draft pick on him like people had to do last season. in other words, you need to chill TF out.