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  1. Wouldn’t completely rule out seeing him play this season..
  2. They traded Deandre Hopkins for him?! WTF? Is this cap related?
  3. Yikes. Yeah Washington is pretty notorious for having extremely strict anti-sports gambling laws (you can thank the tribal casinos for that). You’ll probably have to move again before you resume your DFS career. But hey at least pot’s legal?
  4. That does blow. New York was the same way but thankfully they fast tracked a bill a couple years back to legalize it. It does seem like roughly half of the remaining nine states that are holding out are considering new DFS legislation, but yeah it’s annoying as hell having to wait months/years for a bunch of a**hole politicians to agree on how to allocate the tax revenue. I remember when it was illegal in New York I used to use some really shady DFS site (I think it was called Fantasy Aces?) but pretty sure it ended up going bankrupt not soon after so probably not an option anymore.
  5. If you’re feeling fantasy football withdrawals they still have DFS contests that run all the way through the Super Bowl. And if you’re into NBA/NHL/MLB there’s tons of DFS contests for those leagues. So basically unless you’re in one of the states where DFS is illegal, that’s a decent enough supplement to fill the void until August comes back around. I actually look forward to the fantasy football offseason though. I’m usually so burned out by this point it’s nice to have time to focus on work and other things.
  6. Aaron Jones and Alvin Kamara, bailed me out of a lot of subpar performances (and Mike Boone) this week.
  7. Yeah I’ll give you a lot of credit you were one of the few who didn’t buy into the Boone hype. “Experts” were dead wrong on this one, but the potential was there if the offense wasn’t as sloppy and out of sync. What a nightmare, thankfully I won my league with Jones beasting but it would have been a real tough loss to take knowing I had started Boone over Mostert/D.Washington
  8. https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/start/deandre-washington-mike-boone.php Seems like the vast majority of fantasy experts would disagree.
  9. He’s ranked in the top 20 this week almost everywhere, Fantasypros had him pegged higher than guys like Gurley, Lindsay, Conner, Bell. I benched Mostert and Deandre Washington for him.
  10. He only went over 100 total yards 6 times this season, and one of those six was yesterday where a lot of his owners had already been eliminated. That being said, after reviewing the top fantasy performers from this season in considering next years rankings, you’re right there’s no way he’ll slip past the 1st round. The only guys I can see solidly ranked above him would probably be cmc/Saquon/Dalvin/Zeke/MThomas and maybe Chubb. I think he’ll end up being one of those guys you take with the 10/11/12th pick and pair with an elite WR.