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  1. They traded Deandre Hopkins for him?! WTF? Is this cap related?
  2. Yikes. Yeah Washington is pretty notorious for having extremely strict anti-sports gambling laws (you can thank the tribal casinos for that). You’ll probably have to move again before you resume your DFS career. But hey at least pot’s legal?
  3. That does blow. New York was the same way but thankfully they fast tracked a bill a couple years back to legalize it. It does seem like roughly half of the remaining nine states that are holding out are considering new DFS legislation, but yeah it’s annoying as hell having to wait months/years for a bunch of a**hole politicians to agree on how to allocate the tax revenue. I remember when it was illegal in New York I used to use some really shady DFS site (I think it was called Fantasy Aces?) but pretty sure it ended up going bankrupt not soon after so probably not an option anymore.
  4. If you’re feeling fantasy football withdrawals they still have DFS contests that run all the way through the Super Bowl. And if you’re into NBA/NHL/MLB there’s tons of DFS contests for those leagues. So basically unless you’re in one of the states where DFS is illegal, that’s a decent enough supplement to fill the void until August comes back around. I actually look forward to the fantasy football offseason though. I’m usually so burned out by this point it’s nice to have time to focus on work and other things.
  5. Aaron Jones and Alvin Kamara, bailed me out of a lot of subpar performances (and Mike Boone) this week.
  6. Yeah I’ll give you a lot of credit you were one of the few who didn’t buy into the Boone hype. “Experts” were dead wrong on this one, but the potential was there if the offense wasn’t as sloppy and out of sync. What a nightmare, thankfully I won my league with Jones beasting but it would have been a real tough loss to take knowing I had started Boone over Mostert/D.Washington
  7. https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/start/deandre-washington-mike-boone.php Seems like the vast majority of fantasy experts would disagree.
  8. He’s ranked in the top 20 this week almost everywhere, Fantasypros had him pegged higher than guys like Gurley, Lindsay, Conner, Bell. I benched Mostert and Deandre Washington for him.
  9. He only went over 100 total yards 6 times this season, and one of those six was yesterday where a lot of his owners had already been eliminated. That being said, after reviewing the top fantasy performers from this season in considering next years rankings, you’re right there’s no way he’ll slip past the 1st round. The only guys I can see solidly ranked above him would probably be cmc/Saquon/Dalvin/Zeke/MThomas and maybe Chubb. I think he’ll end up being one of those guys you take with the 10/11/12th pick and pair with an elite WR.
  10. Look at how Todd Gurley’s ADP dropped significantly after his underwhelming 2016 season. And then in 2017 he bounced back huge and won a lot of his owners championships. And in that case we all had Jeff Fischer to blame, and it still affected his ADP. I’m not sure exactly how far Kamara’s draft stock will fall, but unless he really puts on a show in the postseason I can’t see him staying in the first round.
  11. Yeah you waited too long... can’t really create any disciplinary action on the eve of the final MNF game of the fantasy football season. Even Roger Goodell wouldn’t pull something like that Either boot him from the league after this year or create clear bylaws detailing the consequences of auto drafting before next season starts.
  12. if he finishes the season strong I can see him going as a mid-second to early-third round pick. Kinda similar to where Aaron Jones was drafted this year. I think he’ll be a top candidate for a bounce back season. I definitely wouldn’t let this one season make him an automatic DND. I think the Saints were just overly cautious with his usage and really didn’t need to use him as much to win this year.
  13. So this thread is basically the official Boone or Bust 2019 championship edition. I’m down 24.35 with Aaron Jones and Boone left to go, opponent has nobody. I feel pretty confident, but it’s standard scoring so may take a little longer to make up that difference. Good luck to all! May an undrafted third string RB lead us all to glory!
  14. I can’t even bring myself to drop him. [...] he’s earned a spot on my final roster. Hope his career continues to prosper.
  15. Haven’t posted in here once all season, but I’d like to give a special f--- you to Devlin Hodges. Had a nice point lead over my opponent before SNF, and then this prick just started feeding the Bills defense sacks and turnovers. I think he gave up about 4-6 fantasy points in the final 5 minutes of that game alone. I still have a chance, but now I get to sweat it out for the entirety of this Monday night game, in which I’ll most likely end up losing my matchup in the 4th quarter and people were actually calling him the Steelers quarterback of the future a week ago. Hope he’s a distant memory by the time 2020 gets here.
  16. Why is everybody acting like TY potentially playing would kill any value Pascal may have? Even in the event that TY plays and isn’t a decoy, wouldn’t that just take attention away from Lattimore and open up more opportunity for Pascal? I know there’s always the concern that the Colts will spend 80% of their offensive drives running the ball and bleeding the clock down, but going up against the Saints in New Orleans, in what I’m pretty sure is an elimination game for them (even though they’re basically already eliminated), I think they’ll be forced to play it a little less conservatively than usual. I started Pascal hoping he’d give me somewhere between 7-14 points (standard scoring in my case), I don’t think that projected range drops too significantly if Hilton is active.
  17. Made it to two semifinals this year: Already clinched one championship berth despite not having Kamara play yet. Which is appropriate considering he’s done nothing to get my team this far anyway. In my other league, I’m up by 9.85, with just my Zach Pascal going up against Michael Thomas. Don’t feel too great about my chances with this one, had a much larger lead until Devlin Hodges decided to hand Buffalo D/ST a boatload of garbage time points. But I suppose I still have a chance if MT can underperform. If I end up missing the finals because of Devlin ******** Hodges it’ll take me a while to live it down.
  18. Benching Matt Ryan for him. Very easy decision. I think the only guys I’d start over him this week would be Lamar, Russ, Mahomes, Brees, Watson and possibly Dak or Winston. Incredible matchup, he’s been red hot and his team is still fighting for a playoff spot. Hard to justify benching all that.
  19. I’m in the same boat after getting hit with several of the WR injuries coming out of last week. I don’t feel too great about it, but I don’t think it’ll be as quite as horrible as some of the others in here are predicting. I’m guessing the Jets go down big early, LJ is still working toward solidifying his MVP bid (even though he’s basically already won it) so if he gets ahead of the Jets quickly they should be forced to switch to a heavy pass attack in the second half, in which case I think Robby could end up with a decent enough statline (for a WR3 that is...) Or he could give us 24 yards and make us sweat it out until Sunday.
  20. That sounds awful. You spend 15 weeks carefully managing your roster, debating when and who to use waiver claims on, but then once it’s playoff time all the Kamaras, OBJs and Keenan Allens suddenly become free agents? No thanks.
  21. At this point in the season I think all fantasy owners should just divest from this offense completely. Golladay should still be a decent enough WR3/Flex play, but I sure as s--- wouldn’t feel comfortable starting a Danny Amendola in the semis or finals.