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  1. Finally hit a shot. 2/10 now. Let's see if that gets him going again. Lord I hope so!
  2. Middleton laying an egg yet again. There's something seriously wrong with him. I'm not sure if it's injury related or a mental thing, but he's been off for a while now. Hopefully he gets things together soon.
  3. If he's playing PG now, why does Yahoo only have him as being strictly SG eligible?
  4. It depends on the format. Ro-Co is valuable in Roto leagues, not so much in point leagues. DeRozan's value decreases a bit in Roto leagues because of his lack of 3's, but he is valuable in points leagues. Butler is solid either way, as is Lillard. Both top 10-15 studs. But I think it's not fair value still, considering what @Bugs bunny said. 2 franchise players for 1 star and a solid role player. Philly is Embiid's team.
  5. Bam Adebayo and Richaun Holmes have been balling for me. I was bummed I missed out on Gobert, but these 2 have been getting it done for me lately!
  6. It was in a 14 teamer, I got him at #26, and DeRozan at #31. It should have been the other way, but oh well. I've realized that the 2 things my team is most deficient at is 3's and AST's, and if I'm patient, he'll provide me with both again. The REB's are nice, but I don't need those as much. Anyways, hopefully patience will pay off for me.
  7. Another iffy game. 16/7/3 is OK, but the 5/16 shooting is a killer. Brogdon, my 10th round pick, has been outplaying him for weeks now. This year has not gone the way us Middleton owners hoped for. This is not what I expected out of my 2nd round pick. He's been a 3-4th round value maybe, but there were better players on the board for me in the 2nd. Disappointing. Hope he turns it around.
  8. Man Middleton has been BRUTAL lately. He's single-handedly dragging my team's FG% down (next to Lonzo of course). I don't know what's going on with him, but this season has not gone as we hoped it would for him. Except for 3's. he really hasn't looked liked a clear cut 2nd option as of late. Brogdon has been outplaying him by a mile for a couple weeks now. Hope he rebounds soon. I'm not selling low.
  9. Got him in my 14 team league. Currently ranked #90 in Yahoo leagues, even after slowing down after that hot start. I figure he's worth a flyer even though Bagley's minutes have risen a bit. He's still starting, still seeing minutes in the mid 20's, and helps a little bit everywhere.
  10. He's testing my patience, but the track record is there, so I think the best thing to do is muster up some more patience and hold...or buy low at a reasonable offer.
  11. Wayne Ellington, for those in need of 3's in deeper leagues.
  12. He is now starting for Orlando again, and has played 10 minutes so far tonight. We’ve seen what he can do when given minutes. Once his shot starts falling, I think everything else will fall into place for him. I’m hoping my proactive add will pay off, but only time will tell. He’s owned in only 3% of Yahoo leagues. I’ll always have a soft spot for him in my heart because he helped me win my league 2 years ago, I’m hoping this is the start of another run for him.
  13. Deandre Bembry. I already picked up Bam. Monk also deserves a look.
  14. Me too, with Atlanta going nowhere fast, Bembry has nowhere to go but up.
  15. I own Warren, Ariza, and Bridges. All are getting over 25 minutes now and will eat in this offense. Bridges is still available in more than 80% of Yahoo leagues, and is a proactive add in the inevitable case that’s Ariza gets traded to a contender. He is still providing low end value as it stands now though. As for Warren, he has easily been the WW pickup of the year. But I see Bridges minutes increasing as the year wears on. The stocks and 3’s he provides is rare.