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  1. Yeah I think saying DND the #1 overall WR in my PPR league should probably count as a miss
  2. Good idea to only run Peterson 9 times and put the game in Sanchez's hands
  3. I like that he's ruled out already, both for the early clarity and for being able to stash in an IR spot
  4. I mean, they were up by 16 at halftime and got the ball first in the 2nd half... And have run 4 times the whole half
  5. Damn checked the box score and Breida is losing all his carries to Jackie Wilson Jr Fantasy keeps taking me higher and higher
  6. It's not as bad as you guys are making it sound. So far he has scored the same # of fantasy points in week 12 and 13 as tyreek hill. WR1!
  7. Should be dropped for performance reasons even if healthy
  8. Good news if you really wanted sutton but missed out on the waiver wire a couple weeks back. You probably get a second chance on Thursday!
  9. 18 passes vs 2 rushes is just mind-bogglingly bad gameplanning. Coaching malpractice
  10. Why do coaches always think the way to help mobile qbs develop as passers is to stand in the pocket every play like Drew Bledsoe?
  11. Not watching the game. Fellow geniuses who started Ridley: how brilliant are we on a scale from 0 to Wolfgang Pauli?