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  1. PG would be good too but i think giving up Lou along with Wall or Kemba would be too much
  2. Id say go for Donovan, it seems like you’re punting assists so Mitchell would provide you more 3s and can still get you similar points and steals
  3. Im trying to get KAT, im punting 3s assists and steals, which is the best offer? Dipo/Capela Butler/Capela Lillard/Mirotic
  4. I have Otto too. I know it sucks right now but everyones been saying keep or buy low so I guess we should just give it some more time
  5. I have 8 teams. WcJ just got picked up so i missed out on that but Collins and Love got dropped so ill keep my eye on them. I’ll probably package Sabonis with DLo to find a more consisten shooter and have a streamer spot
  6. I say go for it. When Hayward comes back to how he played before he’d definitely help you out more unless you need assists
  7. I think you should, those two are beasts. Jokic is great but for those two you’d be getting most of his stats back except assists
  8. Wait til news if Butlers gonna play, I’m pretty sure he will play against Pacers but for today maybe start Hayward.
  9. I’d drop Gay, I just feel like the Spurs players are hard to have besides LA and Derozan
  10. My team is: PG: Lillard, Dlo SG: Dipo, McCollum, Gary Harris SF: Butler, OPJ PF: Mirotic, AD, Sabonis C: Capela, DeAndre, Steven Adams I’m planning to punt assists, 3s, and steals but my FG% and FT are suffering. What moves do you guys think i should make? Wendell Carter Jr and Nurkic and John Collins are all free to pickup but I wouldn’t know who to drop. Thank you!!
  11. Keep both if you can, if not I’d say Love
  12. I’d drop SGA, Reke has a better chance of getting minutes
  13. I agree, Dipo and Collins will be better
  14. I think that’s too much for KAT, those guys would give you equivalent stats that you’d be getting from KAT
  15. I’d keep Green, I have OPJ and its so frustrating to have him because of the Wizards situation
  16. I’d say Dipo, he’ll play more than Kawhi because of Raptors letting him rest for back to back games
  17. Drop RHJ forsure and if you need steals and 3 then go for Ariza, if not then go Dedmon
  18. Definitely Derozan/Whiteside/Danny Green, those will get you more blocks as well as the steals and 3s that youre getting back
  19. Id pick Ariza over Bridges just because I think his minutes are more secure. Between Knox and Winslow, I guess it comes down on whether you need more points or steals. Justise will get you those steals and maybe a 3/game but I believe Knox has a higher ceiling For now I’d go with Ariza for the steals and the 3, long term I’d probably wait to see how Knox does when healthy and see from there.
  20. You’d be losing out on a steals from all those players and getting none back so I’d say too much