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  1. Did anyone see how bad his ankle injury was???
  2. The Kevin Love trade rumors are a little bothersome. Is anyone thinking about trading Millsap or is he a hold?
  3. Is this guy going to get any better? He’s killing me. Passed up Irving, Holiday, and Lowry for this dude on draft day. My team was actually better when he was injured. XD
  4. Seems he broke his toe. Anyone think he'll come back this season?
  5. Donovan Mitchell? I drafted him 2nd round and he’s been frustrating this season.
  6. I was just waiting for him to get traded. Thanks!
  7. Sorry I can’t post on AC yet. Would you guys drop Carmelo for this guy? Thanks in advcance.
  8. I almost dropped him last night too, but I was hoping it was a dislocation and not a structural damage after seeing the replay. Luckily it was not the latter. Get well soon!!!
  9. Do you guys think Kanter may be traded later in the season? Would his value be better if it did?