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  1. Pettis just on gut feeling... gus edwards if you want the higher floor
  2. .5 PPR FLEX - Josh Gordon , Jaylen Samuels, or Austin Ekeler
  3. I would go jones... i feel hes due for a td and the matchup isnt bad.
  4. If thats the case then yes its an upraded starting roster. Id pull the trigger on that
  5. Sit tight after waivers go through and then pick your favorite. You may end up happy with who was left and keep your #2 waiver
  6. I would hate to give up odell having to trust trequan or mvs as your wr3. Do you start 2 or 3 wrs? The value is fine but you need an upgrade at wr#3 if you trade odell
  7. Zeke and chubb from pure value but i dont know how your roster is contstructed.
  8. Holy cow your league is crazy. But yeah super close between sutton and golladay but id drop golladay due to tougher schedule.
  9. Neither... like previously posted humphries is fools gold
  10. Ehh tough call but parker or callaway i would probably lean towards