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  1. I’d go with Bryant as well, more upside and if Pels want to play uptempo you’d assume that’ll reduce Favours minutes
  2. I would keep Joel, you can stream 3s and steals
  3. 12 team league Reggie Jackson 2nd in my division (2 games behind, with a H2H matchup with #1 this week)
  4. Hi, need advice on a trade. ESPN H2H 9 cat keeper league. Allowed up to 5 keepers. I’ve been offered Middleton, Randle and RoCo for Morant. My current keepers are Jokic, Booker, Lavine, Westbrook and Ja Rest of my team: KOJ, LeVert, Sato, Gasol, TT, A Gordon, Reggie Jackson. any advice will be appreciated, WHIR
  5. ESPN H2H 9 cat keeper league allowed up to 5 keepers will make playoffs but likely won’t contend i have been offered Graham for Westbrook, should I accept? my keepers currently: Jokic, Booker, Lavine, Morant and either Westbrook/KOJ WHIR
  6. Need help 9 cat H2H espn league allowed 5 keepers I’ve been offer Westbrook and Lavine for LouWill, DeRozan and Lauri Currently I’m keeper Booker, Morant and Jokic and I’m rebuilding
  7. Any help will be appreciated and WHIR 9 cat H2H keeper league got offered Westbrook and Lavine for Lauri, LouWill and DeRozan worth taking? can keep up to 5 people and currently I’m keeping Jokic, Booker and Morant
  8. Spida and Booker are pretty interchangeable Booker more 3s And AST but Spida more steals and rebounds. Both can go off for big games. unless your WW has no one decent left, I’d do it because you can upgrade Tyson to Clarke.
  9. Hi guys, ESPN H2H 9cat keeper league (can keep up to 5 people) Current keepers: Jokic, Booker, Morant Current team: Morant, Booker, DeDrozan, Markkanen, Tristan Thompson, LouWill, Portis, Jokic, Hart, AGordon, KOJ, Barnes and LeVert Would you trade Lauri for Graham?
  10. Thanks all, I decided to turn down the trade
  11. Thanks for the advice, I decided against it. Wendell Carter Jnr, THJ and Bodgan is the strong side of the trade for me. Rudy Gay coming back for one game and then resting worries me and his ceiling is lower than Carters. Taj made be effected Ted by the additions of Saric and RoCo. Hield is having a great season but not big enough to turn down that trade IMO.