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  1. Single handily won me blocks in 3 games this week haha
  2. Man is producing steals lately too! Glad I got him in the 3rd round.
  3. He'd be incredible, IMO. He would go back to the 3 full-time, no more blowout L's, and could see him in that 33-35 minute range. Not to mention LeBron/AD/Rondo giving him some easy looks rather than Culver, and Wiggins.
  4. Thy Lord donning the Headband of Chastise tonight as he punishes the Pacers and his doubters.
  5. I love our Lord. Providing plentiful stocks for us unworthy peasants.
  6. I only prayed for a couple steals and he has given me 6 steals at the half. Blessed.
  7. The Lord just smiting anyone who has ever doubted him!
  8. The Lord once again shining his light on my squad and winning me steals. Blessed.
  9. Also, our boy with another big game. 21/8/4/3/2 w 5 threes. Beast.
  10. I took him 23rd overall to pair with AD. That duo won me a chip last year and I couldn't pass that up.
  11. Sorry if this is not allowed here but what would it take for you Luka owners to trade him? is Dinwiddie and AD enough?
  12. Yep. This may be the worst situation for his game. It also looks like he doesn't give AF anymore. Here's hoping for a trade to Houston
  13. Fantasy superstar. It'll be a pain all year that I was 1 pick away. This guy is ajoy to watch