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  1. Maybe he needed a game like this to get going again. If so, i'll take it. His blocks will always be there.
  2. Guy has been really good other than his 1/16 stinker. Just gotta hope there isnt a buyout and he'll be more than solid ROS.
  3. The Lord escaped the plaguelands known as Minnesota and has risen upon greater pastures. Such an inspiration.
  4. 14/8/4/2/2 with 4 threes. 28 minutes. Sheesh.
  5. Lots of swinging the ball. Wouldnt be surprised to see a little uptick in dimes.
  6. I think this is definitely going down at this point. Damn, this is honestly the best possible scenario. RoCo will FEAST!
  7. what a game! just what I signed up for
  8. Honestly, I don't think McCollum affects Ariza at all. Hell, it's probably better for him.
  9. Looked scary for a second, but he's fine.
  10. I also dropped Sato for him. Hoping for 15 pts/5 dimes w/ 2 3s. I punt FG/TO so I feel it's worth it. With no Blake and Rose potentially getting traded, he could get lots of opportunity to put up some numbers on a bad team.
  11. Dropped him in my 12 team 9-cat. I'm a fan of the guy, but he just isnt producing. I picked up Ariza in his place.
  12. Streamed Kleber today but def gonna keep him now and give him a solid leash. 3s/rebs/blks and good percentages. Let's see if the Mavs make a trade for a big (roco/dieng maybe). If not, then he may be solid ROS.
  13. Hmmmm. dropping Joe Harris for Ariza a good play?
  14. Single handily won me blocks in 3 games this week haha
  15. Man is producing steals lately too! Glad I got him in the 3rd round.
  16. He'd be incredible, IMO. He would go back to the 3 full-time, no more blowout L's, and could see him in that 33-35 minute range. Not to mention LeBron/AD/Rondo giving him some easy looks rather than Culver, and Wiggins.
  17. Thy Lord donning the Headband of Chastise tonight as he punishes the Pacers and his doubters.
  18. I love our Lord. Providing plentiful stocks for us unworthy peasants.
  19. I only prayed for a couple steals and he has given me 6 steals at the half. Blessed.
  20. The Lord just smiting anyone who has ever doubted him!
  21. The Lord once again shining his light on my squad and winning me steals. Blessed.
  22. Also, our boy with another big game. 21/8/4/3/2 w 5 threes. Beast.