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  1. I thought Beasley was supposed to fill in. I'm getting burnt right now aihjsgdhijaksldjhasdas
  2. He plays passing lanes very well & I think that’s where he get most of his steals from — an aspect of the game where it can only get better.
  3. So FVV only played 28 mins. tonight, did that give Powell enough playing time to get in rhythm? When it comes to close real games, do they finish w/ OG or Powell at SF?
  4. Alec Burks started tonight as well. Bad news, the 2 steals have been nice though. Only attempted 1 shot in the 1Q. 3/6 FG / 6 pts, 3 rebs, 2 stls to start the 4Q.
  5. 4 steals. Oh my goodness. Started him since I'm a bit desperate right now. Bad news for Powell though, sucks.
  6. Text in white didn't work. Joke's on me. Have fun with your KAT. 😭
  7. Aaaaaand now being listed to questionable... Kidding
  8. You see greens for a day, and then all red the next.
  9. Someone start a petition for SF eligibility so I can start him over the bum Josh Hart. I’m so loaded with guards 🤣 someone pls.
  10. 8th seed: Great news for Morant owners, bad news for Clarke owners.
  11. With Embiid out for quite some time, Ennis potentially out of the rotation according to Brett Brown, this could be the start. All jokes aside dating back to early in the season (LOL), he's no Roco but Roco-lite if he's consistent.
  12. Showed up vs. an elite team. Hope it wasn’t because of it.
  13. I did that for Dirk and Kobe. Both made me happy 🤣