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  1. Pollard all the way https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/834242-lineup-help-whir/
  2. Im leaning towards Bowden or gus. And unfortunately i like gus they just do nothing but run the ball.
  3. Thanks for mine! I like landry. Them pats are just unreliable
  4. It sucks to sit Claypool against Bengals. But Mclaurins gotta be the start.
  5. I would go Patriots as well. Miami is banged up
  6. I would go Ravens as well. Jacksonville has not looked very good
  7. TE: Hockenson or Cook? RB chose 3: Gurley, Edwards, Mostert, Wilson Jr, Gibson (unsure hes playing as of right now), Hunt. DEF: Tenessee or Arizona? WHIR Lead me to the promise land everyone
  8. Would you consider this for gurley if he says no to conner?
  9. Thats what I was thinking with this. Thanks
  10. Duke is a for sure play. Reager next then moss. Moss may not get much they will probably be passing to catch up to ARI
  11. Mkissic is a no brainer, then a coin toss between clyapool and swift. Im leaning towards claypool imo.
  12. Sitting at 7-2. Trade deadline tonight. Get: conner Give: drake and gibson Leaves me a little thinner on RB. But mostert should come back after bye. And I could snag an rb off the WW. Other options include: Staying put RBs are gibson, drake, mostert, scott, hunt. Or should I try to buy low on a guy like Carson? Thanks WHIR leave a link! Team in signature
  13. Get: Sanders Give: Gibson + Drake Looking for more upside with Sanders. Other Rbs I have: scott, mostert , hunt. There are some good rbs in WW : gallman, penny/dallas, pope, brown, ballage, white etc WHIR
  14. I would take it. Hes healthy and dangerous for opponents going forward. Wrs are a dime a dozen in WW .. go for the fur sure thing
  15. Apparently he may be out two weeks. Depending on who you play against and can afford for him to be out 2 weeks then do it!
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