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  1. Anyone who watches Jazz games know as to why his TOs are out of control this year?
  2. Signs of life, for sure. Let's hope he keeps it up but it happened with no Kyrie.
  3. I think he also plays better with Embiid on the floor as well. I wouldn't say run don't walk just yet, but he's definitely a solid end of bench hold ROS in 12+. Those stocks can win you some weeks, plus he is only going to improve here on out, as well as Brown talking him up for their playoff run.
  4. Own both Adams and Noel and tonight is a nightmare lmao
  5. Back to the locker room, bumped by Capela. Own both him and Noel and tonight is not a good night lol
  6. Yup, in my 8 teamer I just picked him up and looking to get him in all my other leagues too
  7. My opponent rage dropped him before he went off, about to spend my FAAB for this beast 😎
  8. You can technically have 14 active players (with one in the IL), but I think you're only stopped when making waiver moves when an active player is sitting in the IL. Trades should be fine. I remember trading for Capela last year when he was injured and Cousins just returned and was active. Did a swap within the roster just fine, but I couldn't pick up anyone else before I had Capela and put him in the IL.
  9. Yes, I think you can. The rule likely only applies for pick ups as I can send a 2 for 1 trade request with a healthy guy in my IL just fine.
  10. Makes it easy to bench someone for the massive game slate tomorrow, but they don't play again until Thursday and he wasn't spotted limping so hopefully he's good to go by then.
  11. I wouldn't stash without an IR unless you're feeling very confident in the standings. News does tend to move fast since all the reports I've seen about his return point out to sometime in February and/or the ASB so I'm hoping maybe we hear some news of him practicing this week. I'm about to stash him in my IR though, since Noel getting healthy freed it up lol
  12. Absolutely. This is exactly like how Bryant was handled last year. He’d be killing it for a good stretch and then his minutes would be cut short lmao
  13. With a Wizards season almost going nowhere soon, I can see their focus shifting on the young guys like Rui, Wagner, Bonga, and TBJ. Could be great especially come playoff time. Bertans has a lot of trade rumours around him and Mahinmi's expiring could be dumped. If I was in a pretty deep league with a free IR, I'd be stashing for sure.