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  1. In my keeper auction league, the commish INSTANTLY froze everything after the announcement. Didn't stop someone from scooping up Dejounte though in that tiny window lol
  2. Wonder how he got it in the first place hmmm
  3. We've been waiting for the next player to be suspended when it was going to be the league that'll suspend itself lol
  4. It depends. it might be easier for the NBA to cut the season short instead of re-booking every single cancelled game with the arenas. But that depends when the season is potentially going to be resumed, even if at all. 80% of the season has been played as well, too. So we'll just have to wait and see.
  5. We're waiting and seeing. Suspension doesn't mean cancellation, so until word comes out that it's completely done we're sitting on it.
  6. He definitely shouldn't, but he's only owned in 25% of leagues lol
  7. I'd say so. Him and DJA both have their minutes around the mid-20s as long as Fultz is healthy which limits their value to 14+ or deep 12 teamers.
  8. Coming through for playoffs. Hope he keeps it rolling and he sticks with the starters when Ish is back
  9. Looks like the block counted now. 3 blocks and a steal at the half. Let's gooooooo
  10. No mention of Shabazz Napier? No Ish and Robinson possibly being out makes him a good stream tonight and probably the week
  11. Officially starting. Let's roll.
  12. Not the ideal time to be going back to his early season form and not scoring as much lol
  13. Out indefinitely, yikes. Time to pick up White?