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  1. Does anyone think he could yield shallow league worthy production somewhere down the line, or is this season pretty much a write-off?
  2. Add Elf going from statsheet stuffing artist to bum and Baynes ending his hot streak right as I stream him. Gotta love fantasy playoffs.
  3. That was quick. Woke up to find out that my PJ and Miles combined for 6 points in a double OT game plus Cam Johnson has mononucleosis. What the f---.
  4. Was planning on featuring this song during that first triple-double, but looks as if that's off the menu. If the minutes do completely dwindle down, then thanks for the assists:
  5. With this guy you never know if he says "I'm back!" or "my back!", but worth a hmmm nonetheless.
  6. Made the playoffs in one of the two H2H leagues I'm in. Was pretty odd to sneak in because teams 8-12 finished with the same amount of wins and losses. Just happy to even be there though, but it would've been easier if I hadn't gotten a despicably fluky loss to the red lantern who finished with a 2-17 tally. Having lost Oubre, Isaac and KAT I'm liable to get smacked by the #1 seed though, so wouldn't be surprised to frequent the Rant thread instead of this one shortly
  7. I wonder if 'this week' means the latter half of the week if at all?
  8. Yuck. Still getting the minutes, but hardly making the most of them.
  9. Oh, was just speaking from my timezone, so to say (meaning they gave JRich and KAT the O-tags)
  10. Seems they fixed it. Just in time for me to discover that Steph is apparently ill and won't play anyway, and daily waivers already closed in another league. Yay.
  11. Wow, ESPN is such manure. Discovered that I cannot make any moves while KAT is in the IR, because some schmuck has somehow listed him DTD. That's an interesting way of understanding 'a minimum of two weeks'.