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  1. Looking at the situation, I'll join the choir on this one. LMA Beal Hayward
  2. How deep? The low-end guards in some of my fellow teams are trash enough that I'm kinda sure he will at least get picked up
  3. Is this guy a surefire drop regardless of league size? (Redrafts, of course)
  4. 'Zo was indeed rejected. I think I'll hold for at least a bit more to determine if 1) there's any resurgence of Conley and 2) Napier keeps it up. Started having second thoughts re: Elf because while Conley is playing poorly, the spot should still be his for the taking if he can prove himself, while Knicks mess around with minutes (even though he's been productive recently)
  5. I would stick with Mr State Farm. He's been on form and even though both have reputations of being injury-prone, it's a more active concern with KP.
  6. League format in sig. Roster might be changing a bit, but the backcourt is as stated there. I really need assists from my guards, so even if Conley will get back to strength, the question remains whether he'll be producing dimes. As well as whether he'll be getting back to any sort of strength. What should I do? 1) keep stashing Conley 2) try to trade him for someone like Elf/Lonzo 3) drop him for Napier. Currently seemingly locked in the starting PG spot at 'Sota and his statline looks quite roto friendly. If Napier doesn't work out, then Dunn or other streaming options
  7. Looking at the box scores of his last season is like going to Carthage and looking at some columns and fragments of walls here and there, then thinking what it was in its heyday. At this point IDK even what would feel worse, dropping him and witnessing a resurgence on someone else's team, or rostering him while solid streams are picked up only to end up with no payoff.
  8. Hasn't set the world alight but 28 and 31 minutes in the last 2 games is worth noting.
  9. Man oh man, lines like these make me really want to drop Conley's bum a** for him
  10. Maybe DJJ and one of Doum/Kornet for Nance and White.
  11. Ingram and Morant for this season no doubt. help? contrary to title, it's a 3 way confusion btwn nance/clarke/washington
  12. It's all understandable though, given that the Knicks are making a run for the title.
  13. Been on a brown streak ever since Teague arrived. Causation or correlation?
  14. Wow. Probably just reactionary due to today's dud, but what about PJ vs Clarke? It's pretty ironic how Clarke once again instantly showed his worth right as I dropped him.