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  1. Yeah CMC is usually a must start for me, it almost a blessing a curse having Chubb and Mack both playing so well because it makes it so hard to choose my lineup. Earlier in the season I would set Zeke, CMC and Mixon and forget about it. I’d definitely start Big Ben. Arizona has been pretty good at limiting QB output and gives up most of their points to the run. Mahones is the only QB to finish better than the 18th ranked QB of the week against them. Thats a tough one, I have Boyd too and just can’t trust his output when he is the bengals WR1. Gordon and Brady clearly aren’t on the same page yet but maybe after the bye that would have changed. If AJ plays I’d definitely go with Boyd otherwise I’d lean towards Gordon.
  2. I would start Adams based on the fact New York gave up 100yds and a TD to Peyton Barber and Breida and Peterson both put up 25 the weeks before.
  3. I would start Moore, good matchup and should see the most targets or at least 2nd depending on how they use Mcaffery
  4. Pick 3 Zeke McCaffery Mixon Chubb Mack leaning towards Zeke, Mack and Chubb, but really torn as to whether start Mcaffery or Mack, either/both could be in for 20 plus maybe 30 plus points, I just feel Miami giving up TDs in every game except one and Indys O Line gives Mack the slight advantage, although I also like McCafferys matchup against Seattle and his ability to make plays receiving. Any advice greatly appreciated
  5. Can Conner maintain this form in future seasons and fill Bell's shoes and become a consistent top 5ish RB or will he fall off?
  6. Guys would really appreciate some last minute advice, I am torn on starting Mcaffrey this week due to the matchup but also have Mixon who has an unfavourable matchup, however I believe both players will feature in the passing game. I have Chubb on the bench who I am considering replacing one of the two with due to his favourable matchup against ATL. Also have Mack on the bench. Current RB line up is Zeke, Mcaffrey, Mixon. Any advice is greatly appreciated