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  1. Guy is eager to get rid Gay. First offered Gay for my Bogdan, now wanting TJ Warren. Considering the TJ trade, any thoughts? Would hate to decline the trade just to find out in a couple days that TJ has something seriously wrong with his foot and get hit again (had Dwight Howard too 😰)
  2. Saw Mirotic traded for Hayward thought he was crazy, but maybe the Haydays really are here
  3. I dont like the 1st trade either. Swap out Moore for something better and itd be decent. I like siakam more than sabonis, but if it's H2h I would just stay put, roto I'd trade him for siakam for sure.
  4. I'm with chuck. If there's a solid pick on the waivers then I'd get kawhi. Him not playing back-to-backs can really get annoying some weeks and you may want some padding for when it happens
  5. Think that stuff is over with? What's the likelyhood of those foot issues catching up with him and turning into something that he has to sit out for a few weeks? Interested in picking him up, but dont want to catch the tail end of all that
  6. Still waiting on him too. Think we'll see an update mid December
  7. Alright my bad, I guess my sig isn't swowing up 10 Team H2H 8-cat: PG: Kyle Lowry SG: Jrue Holiday SF: Danilo Gallinari PF: Pascal Siakam C: Nikola Jokic G: Donovan Mitchell F: Domantas Sabonis Util: Dwight Howard Util: Bogdan Bogdanovic Util: Brandon Ingram Bench: Jarrett Allen / Jeremy Lamb / T.J. Warren
  8. First ever fantasy NBA team, posting to hopefully get some feedback beyond my buddies just saying my team's straight trash lmao. Started out top heavy with pretty much just Curry and AD. Made some poor choices to try and gain some depth during injuries and here we are. Side note: Kris Dunn and Gary Harris are on the waivers this week, Lamb's in the hotseat... maybe T.J. too.
  9. Solid, I'd try and get another decent center out of Favors-- maybe package with one of your forwards? Maybe Hayward or maybe not and use Rudy instead. Hayward still a bit of a gamble to see if he'll return to his former glory. Surprised to see Dedmond off of waivers tbh.
  10. Oh no doubt. Lowry's had some booboo games and tanked %'s in a couple games, but dont let that deter that's an instant accept
  11. What a bummer! Idk about touching you guards though. Part of what made that trade great was the fact that your forward depth is crazy, so it was almost like trading Jokic for Aldridge
  12. If you can take the hit and are ahead enough in those categories then sure. I'm just wondering what you'll really gain from it besides some points in the long run.