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  1. Digging up posts from a month ago just looking for an argument eh? Okay I'll bite. Diggs had 46 more targets than any other receiver on the Vikings last year, the point is he was the only relevant receiver in that offense. Beckham is going to play the same role as Diggs in this offense. Nobody here is predicting Beckham is going to go out and match the numbers from his best season. But even with limited volume within the offense, he's in a spot where he's going to absorb a lot of it still, and therefore has a chance to match or outperform his ADP. Not sure what Diggs this year has to do with Beckham. But maybe let's wait until the Bills play a team that's going to win more than 5 games this year before anointing them. Remember when Rex Grossman was an MVP candidate 4 weeks into the year? As far as I'm concerned, Diggs is just getting ponzi scheme points against these crappy teams 🤫
  2. One thing these guys are right about, is Saquon is not a great drive sustaining RB or whatever you'd want to call. He does try and line up the big run at the risk of no gain rather than taking the 4 yard gain (I bet if someone took the variance his runs and compared it to other RBs in the league, his would be near the top). That's always been a drawback of his. But no question he's an elite talent. Once he gets some support and is able to pick his spots better, he will have the numbers to match his talent. It would be a shame if he became a "what if".
  3. They are for Ridley. He's quick and sharp with his routes in tight spaces like possibly no other receiver in the league right now. Below is a video of Ridley embarrassing a bunch of guys in training (no idea how good they are, looks like the one he makes almost fall down plays at UGA). Not to mention how terrible Hardman looks in comparison to Ridley. Then watch his second TD yesterday where he completely turns the DB around and gets wide open in about 2 seconds. He makes the pros look lost too.
  4. If Gilmore is on him I'm not even worried about Metcalf this week. Metcalf has the ability to win contested balls with his wingspan (which is unmatched) and strength, similar to Parker who Gilmore struggled with last year. Combine that with his elite speed and Wilson's accuracy which is probably best in the league and it's hard to envision a corner matchup that Metcalf would struggle against. I'd look for Metcalf to be doubled with a safety over the top which may limit his ability to get a big play, leaving Lockett vs Gilmore. Hopefully the Seahawks can find a way to exploit a slip up or a tendency they find. They may even just fire a couple to Metcalf and see what he can do anyway, when you have the biggest target area in the league for a receiver plus the accuracy of Wilson there's lots of room to make completions downfield even in good coverage.
  5. 20 carries 51 yards (2.55 YPC), 1TD, 1 rec 1 yard 14 carries 39 yards (2.79 YPC), 1 rec 4 yards One is Ezekiel Elliott in his first NFL game, the other is Cam Akers. The point is, even for rookie RBs it's sometimes not smooth out of the gate. Elliott was as pro ready as they come and it took him 3 games until he got comfortable and he had a pre-season to help. I'm trying to buy Akers wherever I can, he's still the same lottery ticket with a good opportunity to me except now he's a lot cheaper. Anybody dropping after 1 week is WAY too reactionary. This was always a long play.
  6. I was a Mayfield truther up until a few days ago because he did show talent in that rookie year. But it must be all the coaching changes or something that have regressed him. He looks like the game is moving too fast for him, his mechanics are bad, and he's not getting through his reads. Did not look impressive at all on Sunday. In my opinion, the fault is totally with Mayfield. He even missed Beckham by almost 5 yards on what would have been a long TD ( go to 10:15). The Beckham explosiveness is still there I believe, but in this offense with a QB playing like Mayfield he's in a bad spot to get quality targets.
  7. When did he say that? Prior to injury he is on record saying "Miles is our guy", nothing about any committee or splitting touches came out that I've seen except in reference to Sanders being eased in a bit because of injury. Plus at the end of last year Sanders was consistently logging 80%+ snap counts per game at the end of the year. Unless you want to handcuff Sanders or your league has so many bench spots that no one available is better, there's no point keeping Scott once Sanders is back.
  8. Good news, looks like it's not as bad as expected and he might be able to play this week. Hopefully Miami does as the article says and has the long term in mind. Would prefer he missed a week if it means he gets right for the season.
  9. No Steeler fan, but was very encouraged with last night. Just an awful first half but they stuck with Johnson and kept going his way and he looked great in the second half. To me it's Juju > Diontae >>>> the rest. Granted the other pieces do have talent and will take targets, which probably leaves Diontae's upside somewhat limited. One thing to note is I believe 2 of his targets were just throwaways by Big Ben where he was the closest guy. If Denver is able to focus on Juju the way they did AJ Brown leaving the other options open next week, Diontae could have a big game.
  10. Being positive here, that was the hardest matchup Barkley will get all year. That is a scary good front the Steelers have. Having that o-line with new pieces get more time to gel and getting away from that freakish Steelers front that was leaving 8-9 in the box will make things easier on Saquon. It's pretty likely that's the lowest he scores all year. If the o-line is still a turnstile in 2 weeks and if Jones hasn't played well enough to draw some defenders out of the box, then we can start to panic. Saquon is too talented to not produce, it's just a shame the Giants aren't giving him any help.
  11. Getting the feeling they're going to get Wilson that MVP this year. Metcalf is such an outlier physically plus combining him with a QB as accurate and Wilson and it's going to be fun to watch for everyone except whoever draws the Metcalf assignment on defense.
  12. Out for "a bit". That's not good, probably pulled it.