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  1. I'm just impressed someone made the championship game using Tom Brady. My gut would say pick up pretty much any other starting QB and use them instead.
  2. Not surprised in the least about the Cook injury, it seemed like it was just a matter of when but you can't really bench the guy. Uuugghhh just an annoying situation.
  3. Even if it does end up being windy...Parker has been making his money on jump balls. Even if QB accuracy is impacted, this guy doesn't rely on perfect QB / receiver timing to get his numbers, he has the skillset to catch poorly thrown balls like few others. Starting regardless of weather.
  4. Seems like you're just trying to find a reason to justify a prior conclusion. The story with Parker: always a great talent, frequently injured, did not put in the effort required to succeed in the NFL. This year he seems healthy (prior to the concussion) and there are stories of him completely buying in, not missing a practice, working on his diet, etc. For this season, he's set and forget when healthy with Fitzpatrick. In the future, well, who knows.
  5. He was keeping his shoulder immobilized and just hanging on the walk into the locker room. As someone who personally just dislocated their shoulder...I don't like that look. Fingers crossed for good news, if not, hope we all have Mattison.
  6. He's shown some kinks in the armour against the Steelers and Browns. But he has just looked incredible the past few weeks throwing the ball. Let's not forget this guy is pretty raw in terms of learning the proper fundamentals of throwing. He's not a finished product, there's more work to be done. Excited to see where he takes things over the next several years. He seems to have the attitude and drive of Russell Wilson, so hopefully that's a career arc he can follow. If anyone doubts his ability to make throws, well:
  7. Nah, that's too reactionary. Boyle is the best blocking tight end on the team, Andrews is the best receiver, Hurst is 2nd best at both. They each have their roles and their skillset hasn't changed over the course of the year. If the Ravens were going to have their way against the Patriots excellent pass defense and potentially suspect run defense, it was going to be by running the ball. Particularly it seemed by frequently using a 2 tight end pistol run formation that required the tight ends to block. Since that ended up working all game long, you saw lots of Boyle in the game and not as much Andrews. That was Boyle's 1st TD ever 5 years in the NFL...ya he's not a threat for extended target share. I still think 800-900 yards is a reasonable expectation for Andrews this year. Low end TE1 seems about right.
  8. You know play calling was bad when even Booger McFarland realized play calling was bad. That long reception was a taste of how they should be striving to get Barkley the ball: in space with some room to get up to speed.
  9. Get this fake account garbage out of here, blue check or nothing.
  10. Brady today is certainly not the Brady of old, but he's definitely still "functioning". He's a 40+ year old immobile QB; the way to win with what he's got is getting the ball out of his hands quickly. He doesn't need to throw deep balls when he can dink and dunk to 7-0. Will be interesting to see if this will still hold now that they're getting to the hard part of their schedule.
  11. That's basically how I view it as well. He's not the same guy as he was at 23...but even 80% of that guy is still a very good receiver. It's not him being a route runner that makes him a good player, it's his ridiculous athletic ability and his ability to win contested catches, which I think he is still one of the best in the league at. Not the most significant analysis, but I went back and looked at a vid of highlights of his 2013 season ( There are 8 go routes in there resulting in big plays / touchdowns, from one season of 14 games. Basically, if you're not going to throw him at least a couple deep balls a game, why have him? Because he's not going to do for you what he's best at. The Patriots are all about short high % throws this year. Against the Jets Brady threw 45 passes...6 went farther than 8 yards from the line of scrimmage. 10 years ago in a Moss like role, Gordon is putting up solid numbers on the Patriots. He just didn't have a place on what this year's team wants to do. And I wouldn't be surprised if he was probably the worst / least diverse route runner they had. Put him with a quarterback that will throw the contested ball. In a system that throws things downfield liberally and I think he can return value towards the end of the season. Will be watching closely today to see where he ends up. Also, the Pats playbook is notoriously tough to pick up, it took 2 weeks of easing Gordon in last year before he was on a full compliment of snaps. I could see him getting a decent number of snaps Week 10, but Week 11 would be the best bet for him to do anything.
  12. That's pretty much it for me, hoping for good news in the next hour and a half. Otherwise he's bye week filler / waiver wire material. A shame he hasn't put it all together with all the natural talent he has.
  13. I don't see how that would be the case. Their number totals may be similar when you give Ayton the smaller sample size, but what about value above replacement? Who can this manager plug in right now to replace Ayton and would the value Wendell Carter would provide above this replacement be equal to what Ayton would provide above this replacement over the season in the games he will play? The answer would most likely be not close in favour of Ayton. Plus if H2H or Keeper obviously Ayton's relative value would be that much higher. But if you can find a manager that wouldn't subscribe to this logic, all power to you, make that trade and crush your league.
  14. Not sure what to read into it. It's possible Gordon's skill set and the shape he's in this year wasn't a fit with the Pats: propensity for quick plays and Gordon not showing the quick burst he had in the past. If Gordon got snapped up by, lets say Seattle. That could be very intriguing for his late year production.