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  1. Force drop if you’re in first round playoffs and you’re behind?
  2. I saw the play. He slipped and grabbed his hamstring. He tried to stretch it out but couldn’t. Then he fouled out. He’s as good as gone the next two weeks.
  3. Anything to see here with 4 games this week?! Trying to figure it out and if it’s worth dropping Shake since he’s got only two games this week.
  4. Picked him and he’s been ice cold the last games. Drop city or are we thinking because of lillard’s strained groin, Trent is a hold now?
  5. Thanks for the feedback fellas. Yeah I’m on the outside looking in for the playoffs, and my league doesn’t have an IR spot. I’ll need to drop him because I’m in a win now. My guess is he will be out 2-3 weeks. Last season he missed 4 weeks with a similar injury and it cost me holding on to him.
  6. This concussion is going to put Warren out for at least two weeks. He’s had a history of head injuries in the past. And with the ASB right around the corner, My guess is he returns after. Thoughts anyone?
  7. Earlier this season, he missed 6 games from an ankle sprain.
  8. Pop continues to put him in limited minutes. Super frustrating. Obviously has shown his chops but he trusts the other guards like mills more. Super annoyed.
  9. Depends what your team needs and what you are punting. I’m loaded at the big spot and actually had favors and dropped him for the Elf because I needed more assists. Got to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are in relation to your league. Realistically Elf will get you 8-6-9 and 1.5 steals. His value comes on teams without distributors. Randle can’t be trusted in that role and neither can RJ. Don’t get me started on the backup point guards DSJ and Nitilkina. Therefore you’re left with Elf who is a selfless distributor. All he has to do is stay healthy - ride him until the wheels come off.
  10. This guy took me to the promise land last season - ended up winning the regular season chip and postseason chip in a super competitive 12-team league. Run don’t walk. He is the most effective on a bad team. He’s westbrook lite!
  11. He’s getting one more week (week 7) and if I don’t see glimpses, I need to drop his a**
  12. Drop Moe. Grab this cat or at the very least Hayes if you’re looking for a flier