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  1. Bradley Beal played out of his mind when John Wall went down, he got a taste of what its like to feel that double coverage and different defensive schemes as the primary option on offense. Its great for his development coming into this season. I believe he is gonna do his best to show he deserves the SUPERMAX contract that he is about to try and obtain through his play in the 2019-2020 NBA SEASON. Thats exciting especially since the East is still wide open and his division is very weak. If you are the #2 Guard in the league he should be able to carry his team to the playoffs the same way Kobe would do 😁. If hes shut down will his amount of games play be looked at in terms of determining his ALL NBA Selection or ALL Star Selection. These play a big factor in his next contract so i doubt he will be toning it down. He got a taste of what its like to drive the Ferrari in the NBA & his skillset is tuned up. 31ppg 52% fg, he turned it up after the all star break.
  2. It was only a two game week, 4 games next week, will see a huge workload for sure
  3. Deep bruise, will probably play this week he was traveling with the team so he’s practicing. Probably waiting for a home game to come back they need to sell tickets. Pay a guy 11 mil he better get some of that back , a lot of tj fans in Pho
  4. Mitchell “dropping this muf!! Next week pick up, drop after one bad game” Robinson. Son of David.
  5. Lol he has a lingering foot problem in both, with playoffs coming up I think he might end up hurting your team.
  6. This new layout ruined everything I was so happy with the old one. Could see all the stats just go back to the Original please!!
  7. Luke Walton has to gooooooo lonzo will play better , Luke doesn’t trust him! Won’t give him the keys ! He’s keeping the lambo in the garage. plus this game had Tim donahahue (w’e his name is)all over it. Vegas books poppin rn Luke has no idea wtf he is doing honestly... hawks literally subbed their starters w 3:45 left in the game. Meaning they were trying to lose , Bullock missing that layup also was weird. Maybe the locker room is really blown up. OH BTW ROTOWORLD, your new layout sucks y’all acting like I’m a 79 year old one eyed pilgrim. Cmon
  8. Plantar in BOTH feet is already a bad sign, he is forced to defend the opposing teams best player and was a fill in to allow DeRozan some time to get adjusted. I’d approach with caution
  9. Wizards can make the playoffs , there’s so much basketball left. This is just shows they need Parker more than ever to step up. If he at least hit his ppg avg this last game they would’ve won
  10. The Lakers are missing him so bad lonzo was able to settle in with veterans on the team and take the pressure off. He he was hitting clutch 3s just like at UCLA and winning close games WHILE shutting down the opposing guards , percentages of who he guards are always under 40% His intangibles are beyond this world and real hoopers see it.
  11. Parker is gonna feast , he’s exactly what the wizards need. M Robinson learning from DJ tho and that’s why teams bring veterans to mentor
  12. He will be the go to option. They looked terrible today with no offense, they need Cedi and love back
  13. He’s two hours away from being two hours away
  14. The reason why the wizards are needing Parker is because Beal lifts all of the scoring while ariza is the primary defender. With Parker , they offset ariza n Parker while green Portis Bryant plays PF/C. Parker is gonna eat up all of Otto’s minutes and some SG in McRae, he will give Beal a burn and possibly play alongside as it’s another scorer on the team. Parker compared to Ariza / Green/ Portis , is healthy and fresh. He will help them tremendously as wizards need another scorer. Right now the wiz down 20 w only Beal scoring. Ariza green Bryant and satoransky cannot maintain 20+ points a game the rest of season.