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  1. Forgot theres a thread already, sorry! DELETE TOPIC pls
  2. No love for Clint yet another season? Any input on how the addition westbrook + the loss of cp3 impacts the bigman? Planning to take him early 3rd rd if he’s there...
  3. Should benefit from having westbrook, right? Always feel like ppl sleep on him as he could easily be a safe early round player..
  4. Idk about that but they are playing the suns monday, if you won this week might be worth it to add him now and see how it goes next two games
  5. Memphis doesn’t have the best playoff schedule either... tryna field offers for conley at the moment. And same w LAC, ive spent weeks tryna find value for guys like gallo and conley who definitely are helping me rn but playoff schedule (+injury risk) got me tryna make moves