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  1. What do you think guys is this fair? We are playing h2h category league and the Nets have a tough playoff schedule and the grizzlies also so I don't know should I accept this trade?
  2. It's hard for me to trust him because i think he will be Monster as longer the season is...... i dont know what to do because in a 12 team 10cat League someone offered me aldridge and shai for Horford and hollis jefferson. I'm not scared but do you guys think he will produce more the rest of the season than Hollis?
  3. I think Embiid play really good and if he can stand healthy he will be a MVP candidate. That's why I want him so badly I also made a trade offer Giannis and Hollis-Jefferson for Embiid, Doncic and Harrell. Hopefully I will get him I'm ready to give Giannis for him what do you think a bad move?
  4. Hey guys, I couldnt find this forum and so I would like to ask a question Giannis and Hollis for Embiid, Doncic and Harrell?
  5. I agree with your statement. I received a trade offer my Giannis and Hollis Jefferson for Embiid, Doncic and Harrell. I don't know if this is fair what do you think?
  6. I received a trade offer for my Aaron Gordon. He wants to give me Julius Randle, should I accept?
  7. Should I drop Hollis-Jefferson for Chandler today?