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  1. Dropped him right after the injury thinking it's season ending. Have Demarcus in only IL spot and Elfrid Payton not doing anything. If no one picks him up in the coming days, when would you guys pick him up in my situation? Knowing the Nets, he might not even play much to be worth holding onto him through his injury.
  2. Damn had to drop him last night assuming the worst. Only 1 IL spot in my league and I got Demarcus in it. Hope this doesn't come back to bite me.
  3. Should I accept a trade for Lauri straight up? I've been holding onto hope that he would break through but looking at last year and this year's numbers, I'm not sure he will. Lauri is an improvement in probably everything but FG% and blocks and he could improve more but Bulls FO not releasing any updates on his, Dunn or Portis' injuries and they might rest him down the stretch to tank. Thoughts?
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