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  1. Hi! Been a crazy night, and in the end I might somehow be able to get some value out of Naiper, as a member of my squad or tradebait. Just after his trade to Washington went down I got offered Melton. I've been high on Melton all season, but im not certain about his role going forward. Same for Naiper. What do you guys think? 16 team, h2h, 9cat Pg: Graham, VanVleet, napier Sg: beal, huerter, powell Sf, levert hernangomez, mikal bridges Pf: jjj, Washington C : drummond, adebayo
  2. Just got offered John Collins for my Bam Adebayo. I have a feeling that the owner of Collins is panicking due to the trade bringing Capela to the Hawks. I recently lost Napier to the Nuggets, which kills his value, and should i accept the trade im gonna be way back on my assists. Do you guys think i should accept the trade as it is, or try to get something more out of the other owner, say Delon Wright or Bruce Brown. 16 team, 9cat, H2h. PG: VanVleet, Graham, Napier SG: Beal, Huerter, N Powell SF: LeVert, Mikal Bridges, J Hernangomez PF: JJJ, Washington C : Drummond, Adebayo Cheers!
  3. Got an offered Kemba for my VanVleet and OG. What do you guys think? 9cat, h2h, 16 team.
  4. JJB starting tonight.. But Mr Brunson should get decent amount of minutes right?
  5. Did he get injured? Only 23 min tonight and no foul trouble
  6. Just signed a two-way deal with the hornets. He averaged 15.4 points, 8.4 boards, 2.1 assist, 1.9 blocks and 1.3 steal in the G-League. Anything to see here?
  7. Got offered SGA and Bagley for my Beal. Considering how Washintongs season is heading, im kinda worried about them shutting him down, or at least "load management". What du you guys think? 16 team. H2H. 9-cat PG: VanVleet, Graham, SG: Beal, Huerter, Lee,, McRae SF: Levert, Anunoby, PF: JJJ, Washington, C : Drummond, Adebayo, Gafford IR: Isaac
  8. OH fiddlesticks..
  9. Currently have Nance avaliable in my 16 team, H2h, 9cat. Should i drop OG for him? Kinda feels like i would be missing out on something if Love and/or TT would be traded.
  10. Just got offered Beal and D Graham for my SGA, Middleton and Bagley. Thoughts?
  11. 16 team. H2H. 9-cat PG: VanVleet, Graham, SG: Beal, Huerter, Lee, Porter Jr, McRae SF: Levert, Anunoby, PF: JJJ, Washington, Isaac 😄 Drummond, Adebayo IR: Levert
  12. Just got offered Lauri for my Isaac. Considering Isaac went down yesterday and the status with his knee is uncertain im really considering it. What do you guys think. Would really appriciate some help here.
  13. Just got offered Kemba Walker for my Jonathan Isaac. The offer is appealing, but im having a hard time letting go of my stock-god. What do you guys think? 16 team. H2H. 9-cat PG: VanVleet, Graham, SG: Beal, Huerter, Lee, Porter Jr, SF: Levert, Anunoby, PF: JJJ, Boucher, Washington, Isaac C: Drummond, Adebayo IR: Levert