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  1. Was tonight the night it clicked?? I hope so been dealing with this guy for a while, I just want him to produce lol
  2. JJJ's minutes are secure for the future even with a losing record. The moment the Knicks fall out of contention completely, Kanter's usage takes a hit to Mitchell Robinson. So I think you made the right move for the later half of the season.
  3. What Siakam is currently averaging matches what OPJ averaged last season. Unless you have reason to believe he’ll be better than last season after going through this slump I’d go Siakam OPJ last season: 14.7PPG 6.4 REB 2.0 AST Siakam this season : 14.1 PPG 6.5 REB 2.0 AST Oh and Siakams FG? 66% to porter’s 45% last season In my opinion Pascal is the better version of what OPJ’s regression to the mean would look like which I think he can keep up and if not he could do a better job of retaining form than OPJ
  4. I’d say no because the majority of those players are just gonna pad rebounds more than anything. Personally I never like to downgrade my player in trades that are more than 1:2 What do you guys think of Buddy Hield, Rudy Gay, and Taj Gibson for Wendall Carter, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Bogdan Bogdanovic? Standard league
  5. That could be true to a certain extent, but once you feel like a player has showcased enough you could easily end up with a Tyreke Evans dnp situation especially with how injury prone this guy is
  6. I say that because usage is questionable if he’s not traded since Cleveland will focus on development in people like Nance. 75 is a stretch but I don’t know if he can reach top 30 even if he’s healthy in a tanking season
  7. Strongly debating whether to trade Buddy Hield for him, even if he weren’t to be traded he’d still be a solid top 75 wouldn’t he?
  8. I would say no because now that Jimmy Butler is in Philly, you don't know what his Embiid's usage will be. Giannis' usage isn't going anywhere in my opinion EDIT: Trying to edit my post and keeps creating new ones lol
  9. I was offered Wendall Carter, Tim Hardaway and Bogdan Bogdanovic for Buddy Hield, Rudy Gay and Taj Gibson. Thoughts? I'm in a standard league.