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  1. Good points. Isaac does hit an occasional 3 but it is rarer plus his blocks though. They both are on WW. I will stream Portis for a week or two
  2. How does he compare fantasy wise to Bobby Portis?
  3. How does his fantasy game compare to Jonathan Isaac?
  4. 12 Team H2H 9 Cat Joel Embiid Nikola Jokic Khris Middleton Josh Richardson Eric Bledsoe Mike Conley Joe Ingles Goran Dragic Gary Harris Markieff Morris Danny Green Noah Vonleh JuanHernangomez Bobby Portis
  5. Oh man. I just just got this boy back! Will be waiting anxiously on his return timetable.
  6. I decided to drop Isaac to stream with Juan Hernangomez. Keeping Vonleh for now. A guy in my league is gunning for my Bledsoe with his Lauri. Should i take it? Lauri is back in a week or two.
  7. I switched my IR for Punch Bobby. I am hurting for Boards not steals. Depends on your team
  8. 9 cat plus TO. 12 Team H2H I am contemplating dropping someone when Dunn is back in a few weeks. Please advise. My league doesn't trade at all. Currently, 1st in 3pm, assists and steals but very low in terms of Boards and Blocks (I have a surplus of Guards). Thanks! PG: Conley, Dragic, Bledsoe SG: Gary Harris, Bazemore, BogBog SF: Khris Middleton, Josh Richardson, Joe Ingles PF: Vonleh, Jonathan Isaac C: Jokic, Embiid IR: Dunn
  9. Someone offered me KAT and Tim Hardaway Jr. for my Durant. Is this a go or no?
  10. Someone offered me KAT and Tim Hardaway Jr. for my Durant. Is this a go or no?
  11. Miami subreddit is speculating he is going to have a season ending surgery to enhance the tank mode.
  12. Double Double threat every night. He is a good hold for now