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  1. Kemba and Westbrook are quite similar in value if you value TOs lower. Kemba more 3s and less TOs, Westbrook more Rebs, Ast, Steals, but his ft% and Tos are bad. Straight up I prefer Kemba and Booker over Westbrook, Kemba is also trying to secure a playoff spot so this might play a factor in his intensity throughout the next month.
  2. Punting assists. Should I trade jrue for butler or oladipo? Would I be able to do a 1 for 1 or anyone think I'd have to add more? Who's better? What does ros look like for each player?
  3. Anyone else getting impatient? This man rivals Marquese Chriss of last year for players who give owners a headache. At this point I'd rather have a streamer or pick up someone on the wire, Rondae and Shai are both available in my league thinking about switching.
  4. I wouldn't hesitate to to drop ariza for SGA he has good upside. I have SGA on my wire, thinking bout dropping rhj or Isaac, suggestions?
  5. His poor fg/ft percentages are making him tough to hold. You think he's worth dropping for SGA?