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  1. I've been thinking about an idea for a new league style and want to know what you all think about it. For next year, I'm thinking about running a position-less roto league. Might make it a dynasty league too. (Position-less meaning that all roster spots are Utility spots) What pros/cons do you see? Think it'd be interesting? Fun? Lame? Easy? Hard? Too complicated? Have you ever played in (or even heard of) such a league? Would you play in one?
  2. I'm in a points league too and had J Rich for a while, and he is not as obvious a pick-up as others make it seem. He's one of those players who's significantly more valuable in category leagues than points leagues. That being said, when J Rich was hot I was happy to have him on my roster but I did eventually drop him. It does look like he's turning things around again and with Dragic being out for 2+ months, now could be the time to grab him again. Second out of these options would be Redick for me. Stay away from Gordon and Bjelica. Not sure what your points format looks like, but those are my thoughts!
  3. With Jokic and Gobert already in the stable, I think LMA is a good target. Definitely try to do something to clear up that space for Love!
  4. Strictly for PTS and 3PM, Johnson looks like slightly better option for you. But Saric isn't too far behind and will give you a small boost in more other categories too. I'd lean toward Saric as a more complete player, but if you truly just want to juice those two categories than you could go with Johnson.
  5. I think I agree. This looks like a good return for you. Edit: just saw you took the deal. Good work!
  6. Give me KAT! He's turning it on and has a history of only getting better in the second half of the season. That plus his durability takes the cake.
  7. Yeah, I think I'd stay put. That or try to get him real cheap--Luka + Otto like others have said.
  8. I'm in a points league and I'm dominating, but I've realized in recent weeks that my team is thin at both guard spots and at PF. This is partly because I traded Beal (SG), Ben Simmons (PG/SF), and Aaron Gordon (PF) away and got back 2 centers (KAT and Jokic). But now I have a glut of centers, almost all of whom are solid, and I'm light on guards and PF's. Here's my roster: PG: Trae Young, Collison (streaming) SG: Harden (also PG eligible), Dinwiddie (streaming, also PG eligible) SF: Paul George, Covington PF: John Collins, Nance (streaming, also C eligible) C: Towns, Jokic, Capela, Adams, Nurkic IR: Cousins (C) I'd like to flip a couple of my C's (not including KAT/Jokic) and add some depth and flexibility at guard and at PF. Since I'm in an ESPN league, Luka Doncic has SG and PF eligibility, and with how well he's been playing, he seems like the perfect addition to my roster. The only problems are that his owner already has AD and Embiid (both C's) and hasn't been super active this season. Question 1: What offer should/could I make that might convince Luka's owner to give him up? Question 2: Any suggestions for other Guards or PF's I can feasibly target with my spare centers?
  9. I'm a Harden owner in a points league right now (just traded Beal away too), and The Beard has actually been going nuts lately (except for last night). The Rockets have been struggling, but Harden has been putting up big lines--partly to keep them in games. I thought about trading him away early in the season, but now I'm glad I didn't. This seems like a pretty close trade, depending on what you want to get out of it. Beal and Kemba are both really solid plays in points leagues, so if you want to shore up your depth a bit, then maybe you pull the trigger. I said I traded Beal away but it kinda hurt to do it a little because he is really consistent. On the other hand, if you want to have a single player on your roster who can hit a home run and have huge games, hang onto Harden. End of the day: I'd probably keep Harden.
  10. I've been fairly content owning him in my points league. Could I go get a better player? Yeah, probably. But I'm dominating my league right now and Trae adds a little bit of fun to my roster to see what kind of lines he can put up and hope for a good game every now and then.
  11. I'd like to know if there is a general consensus on how the size of the league you play in affects your decision-making, strategy, approach to trades/WW pickups, etc. I'm looking for some more perspective from those who have played in more kinds of leagues than I have. How does league size affect the way you play fantasy basketball? As a secondary question, what size of league do you prefer to play in and why?
  12. Give me Doncic here. With his pre-NBA experience, I don't see him "fading" as much as other rookies. Mitchell has been a disappointment so far this season (as I suspected he might be and thus don't own him). Do I think he'll figure it out eventually? Yeah, but I'll take Doncic for the rest of this season.
  13. Agreed. Collins + WCS, mostly because of Collins.