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  1. Assuming you're looking on player profiler. It takes into account college productivity, workout metrics, physical attributes, and pro experience. I'm not sure how good of comp Bridgewater can be given his very limited pro experience and Trub's very limited college experience.
  2. My bad, totally a lazy comment. Mitch is surrounded with more talent (players and coaches) than Bortles ever had at any one time. They're both not great decision-makers, turn the ball over too much, and are destined to be bottom-half league starters (not fantasy). I think Mitch's ceiling is higher and there's still hope. Just my $0.02.
  3. Assuming PPR I'd go TJH. I don't play in leagues that deep but I imagine having a stud at TE can be a huge advantage. He's way more likely to hit hard to give you an advantage over your weekly competitors each weeks vs. Campbell or Brown.
  4. The talent is undeniable. So are the injury concerns. Given Patricia's pro-committee stance his upside is going to be limited. I see Mid to High RB2.
  5. I personally think they're all on even footing with the new coaching staff in place. One could argue DW has an inside shot at the #2 behind Jones given the new regime selected him. I'm staying away in redraft unless AJ falls because I'd feel the need to own Jamaal and Dexter as insurance. I can easily see a scenario where each of them are solid spot starters throughout the upcoming season.
  6. PPC bonus is the tiebreaker for me. Go Gordon.
  7. He's shown well so hold for me unless someone's willing to give you a 1st for him. Arizona's WR1 next year or for the future is likely not on their team right now. Kirk could be a good WR2 with good surrounding talent and a heady QB like Rosen.
  8. It's easy to say, you'd give me something for him, but what would you be looking for in terms of rookie picks? Would you agree he's lost value since Week 1?