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  1. CJ should probably take his time in healing his ankle.
  2. All of us, we called it—cj is the sacrifice.
  3. Lillard’s on fire right now, might go for 60.
  4. He’s keeping it up, no sign of slowing down.
  5. Sorry for having high standards on a top 3 pick overall.
  6. Surprised with his stocks lately, he’s showing his efforts on D.
  7. Oh, well. JB ended with a solid line tho putting up 5/7 from the field after starting 1/7. 20-4-6 3stls 2treys
  8. It’s monday, you still have the whole week to more than catch up.
  9. Now i see where the rotoworld blurbs come from 😆
  10. Looking nice lately. I really want to say this is his floor, but holmes coming back will impact his numbers again. oh, luke.