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  1. This guy is a drop ? Injured, two poor matchs in a row and with Ayton's return ?
  2. Was offered my Ben Simmons / Lou Williams vs De Rozan / Jamal Murray … Which side would you take ? H2H / 13 cat
  3. Very close … AD side I think, you have to drop two players to do the trade .. depends of your roster
  4. Simmons side … but depends what stat you need
  5. Hello everybody, where is the value between Isaac and Finney-Smith ? H2H 13 cat league Thanks for the reply
  6. You right ! But if AD doesn't moove the value of Okafor should decrease … If I do the trade it's now or never ^^
  7. Was offered Okafor for my Valanciunas. Should I take it? Thanks for the answers !!
  8. Who wins for a trade between Ayton and Nurkic ? 12 teams / 13 cat. I have some doubts concerning the value of Ayton (Phoenix is a disaster ^^)
  9. Randle side !!! Harris and Nance aren't players to hold and Randle is more than Hield
  10. Was offered Bradley BEAL & Deandre AYTON for my Drummond and Jabari Parker. Is that a good trade ? 12 teams 9 cat league. Thanks
  11. Bagley should progress throughout the season