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  1. Worth using a high waiver priority on?
  2. I’d take Ingram/ Booker for this. Solid return with the two
  3. Pj all day https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/798826-jaren-jackson-jr-or-zach-lavine-whir/
  4. I’d stick with De’Aaron and JAYLEN. Marc is yet to be seen. De’Aaron hooks it up with the steals and JAYLEN kinda ballin rn
  5. Adams has been a beast lately. Will definitely depend he is traded to but i like adams
  6. H2H 12 man league 9 cat My JJJ for Zach LaVine. currently on a hunt for a decent pg (not really shooting for assists) I like LaVine’s 3s, pts, steals. On the other hand, JJJ gives you 3s pts & blocks at a PF/Center position. I’m heavy on the bigs. But JJJ is a unique big. from the bunch. Open to any insight on my current build. WHIR! current team: Doncic/ Garland/Ish Smith Fournier/ Troy Brown Paul George/ OG/ Miles Bridges KAT/Holmes/JJJ/T.Bryant/ C.Wood/ D.Howard
  7. f--- these injuries won’t stop. What are these NBA players smoking... smfh
  8. Sucks. I went ahead and grabbed Christian Wood. Definitely not replaceable with the stocks but hey... let’s hope for upside pick ups now
  9. Weak.... someone just say drop him and he’s gone out. Smh
  10. X-Rays Negative thankfully. Sprained ankle