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  1. Well trading him now would be wrong since I would not get equal value for sure. Just seems Jimmy was right about this pussy KAT
  2. Any chance the flat earther plays off ball?
  3. He is basically OPJ but a PF/C. Edit: what OPJ used to be
  4. Yep welcome to 2020 bro. Should've said last month though
  5. What I meant was, last year people kept on bashing him every game that's why this thread reached 41 pages. But now that he is performing nobody seems to post here anymore. So basically, those sour grapes that never grabbed him are just seething right now and waiting for a bad game before they bash him again.
  6. How come there's no more love for this guy? TOs are a pain though
  7. I never got into the Dieng train because, well it was KAT! it cannot get any more durable than him. But this is frustrating!
  8. Amazed that the game finished and people are still not basing him here. Anyway, aside from the FT% I'm happy with his line
  9. No IL spots though. My other drop would've been PJW. But he seems to be coming back soon. Cannot drop House as well because then I would only have 1 SG left. Thanks for the reply
  10. Take PG and run https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/794534-t-bryant-or-b-clarke/
  11. Depends on who you drop. Go ahead if you punt % and TOs. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/794534-t-bryant-or-b-clarke/
  12. Knicks are a chaotic mess. I would try to stay away from them. Dragic's role also seems better right now. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/794534-t-bryant-or-b-clarke/
  13. CP3 as long as they are fighting for that playoff spot. Dipo will have a lot of restrictions and even then he also has a lot of rust to shake off. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/794534-t-bryant-or-b-clarke/