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  1. i'm all in on Narvaez, we're in a 2 catcher NL only league and depth is brutal, if I can get him cheap he'll be one of the better deals of the auction.
  2. you have to consider the new 3 batter rule, if he hits behind Alonso they will likely throw a RHP, so IMO guys like Conforto will benefit a ton due to the change.
  3. Dodgers got Downs in a salary dump, and the pressure is absolutely there for them to get a ring for Kershaw. if getting Mookie means a ring and sacrificing 5 seasons of Verdugo, so be it. as a Padres fan, i'm bummed to not get him, but also don't want to mortgage what we've done with the farm for a year before we'll be serious contenders. I would however, LOVE to get rid of that Myers contract. if he stays, I platoon him and Hosmer. an expensive platoon, but it's the best case for both of them, tho we'll see how much of a "clubhouse guy" Hosmer is if he's splitting time.
  4. what are you talking about??? i'm a diehard Padres fan and very, very closely follow the system and i've never seen one single word about him being in the pen. this is just a flat out lie. since the day we got him for Rodney he's been destined for the rotation.
  5. how could you possibly expect a big leap from Soroka??? what will he be when he makes this leap? prime Pedro Martinez? prime Nolan Ryan? that's pretty ridiculous.
  6. yup. I can see him putting it together for a year or two and having a very solid season but I just couldn't resist moving him while he still had value.
  7. well apparently Beltran was named because he was offered immunity and they found out he lied so unfortunately I think the players are gonna get off easy.
  8. this is going to be a fun year following Luciano. seriously believe he ends the season in the top 10.
  9. if Nagy is there i'm out. that dude killed Monty.
  10. interesting offseason for the Nats. gotta imagine they're out on Donaldson now.
  11. HURT. took JuJu in the 2nd round, and traded Derrick Henry, my 4th round pick, for David Montgomery before the season started. had Cooks in the 5th, so 3 of my top 5 picks busted. just couldn't come back from that, although I did end my season destroying the losers bracket.
  12. last I checked they still had Ray, Bumgarner & Gallen...
  13. i'm definitely looking at him 2nd round. no question. unfortunately, almost any other franchise, he'd be a great 1st rounder, however, I do not know if the Chargers will do the right thing and start clearing out some of this stagnant staff. John Spanos has not shown once that he is capable of making changes like that. if Steichen is back as OC, i'm not as thrilled as Ekeler. I thought he would work him more into the passing game and it never happened.
  14. I actually like this. Rookie QB's can end up using a good TE/RB as a crutch, Mixon will be a great pick next season. (still a bad OL tho)