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  1. Can he average at least 7 boards a game? It’s early I totally understand he just got back from a lengthy absence and he’s gonna need some time to get it going not only with his shots but also with just being quick and conditioned to grab boards. But since he’s been back they’ve been a little low ... do we confidently feel that his boards are gonna bump up a little?
  2. This dudes a crackhead. What the hell is going on ????
  3. I was so high on him coming into this season. Thought he would at least bring in top 80 value and even though he’s been not very good, I’ve got a feeling that he’s about to start turning it up.
  4. Torn quad. They’re calling him week to week.
  5. I swear this guy doesn’t get enough forum love. I’m telling my girl that if she ever meets him she gets a hall pass, f it dude
  6. Yes sir my man. He does. Making him even more valuable. The way I look at is if capela isn’t able to return, dedmon is winning ships.
  7. Starting tonight vs wizards. Looks like a great game. Feeling a 12 11 on good percentages and a steal and 2 blocks. Honestly guy could be good for a lot of us. Cracking top 100 will happen at ease
  8. Idk why but I’m so optimistic about this. I just finished watching his interview following practice and I can see the hunger in his eyes. If Kings continue to play like this then after 2 weeks he’ll be back to 25-30 a night. Count your lucky stars I swear this guy is bringing home ships this year
  9. Dude I’ll let someone smash my ex-girl if this is true I swear, not a problem
  10. I like this dude and I think he can be valuable but for someone like him who probably will finish either top 100 or top 90 and has a 3-3-3 as a po schedule idk how valuable he can really be
  11. Does he become serviceable with Brunson now out with a torn labrum?
  12. My brotha I wanna cry. 20 weeks of me sitting in first place and I wasn’t satisfied made a trade and got this dude just for this to happen. Rubio is wearing his jersey in pregame warmups + he’s getting opinions on his knee. I’m usually the most optimistic but I just have the feeling