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  1. Lmao my boy that’s perfect for everyone
  2. Pulled the trigger. You’re the man. Lets get it
  3. Is there a timetable to his recovery ? Is he even close
  4. Maybe I’m trippin but Washington and San Antonio weeks 23 24 both are a 4/3
  5. Am I the only one thinking he has a legitimate chance of being good? Idk why but I feel like Walton is gonna love this guy and especially w Holmes and bagley injured I can see him carving out a good enough role to definitely be rosterable in 12ers
  6. Aight bro. I was planning on taking the day off from posting too much but you’re annoying me. This dude has shown flashes of being able to be fantasy great. This last month before Drummond was spectacular and it showed what his value could be as well as what he did last year in April. Reread my post and maybe you’ll understand. If love and tt get injured and he’s given 30 mins on the dogpoop team that he is on he’ll get top 40, screenshot this.
  7. Imma be petty on this. Who even are you to yikes me dawg. I’m entitled to my opinion. Shut your mouth
  8. If love gets shutdown/injured/youth movement he’s great if love and Tristan get shutdown/youth movement he’s top 40. Take that for what it is when deciding if you’re dropping
  9. This is my message to all of my boys that were able to get Chriss : you’re smart af you outplayed everyone and you got this stud. With that said, fuk everybody it’s time for us to win some money and win this ship for our bragging rights. If you were able to get this dude, you’re smart enough to get every other major waiver wire add. We’re about to go into all star break take a reset go out and fuk some hoes and come back buckle up and get ready for your ship runs. Love you all.
  10. Lmao I deserve this after all the bs I’ve been put through. Spend so much time on forums researching players looking at monster rankings analyzing games on league pass. I deserve this fukin bullshitt
  11. Lmaooooo this dude said fingers out of assss bro in all deadassness if this dude is on your waiver wire I’ll pay double your buyout to join your league