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  1. Need some comments on the following: Small 8 team league on ESPN where 1 team quit 10 weeks ago. We are supposed to vote on trades etc. (Side note, I hate ESPN and never get these trade notifications to vote on). Anyway, top 4 make playoffs. I am locked into 3rd place with possibility of 2nd. I have super high scoring team some weeks with Barkley and Caf. THe 1st and 4th place team just pulled off some trades with a team run by a guy out of playoffs that said he was done and his lineup set rest of the season. (side note #2, he got chapped when Commish helped another team to pick up WR from Rams to replace Watkins and he ended up losing because that WR scored enough to beat him, where Watkins would not have). So the trade was this. 1st place team traded Landry, Drake, and Corey Davis for Alvin Kamara. Landry is the only one of those 3 that has been a starter for more than 3 weeks. THen the 4th place team trade Evans for Adams. Sure, Evans is good. But Adams down the stretch looks to be way better option considering team and QB etc. Am I wrong to not be upset with this? It feels like our commish let a team be fleeced (non playoff team) by teams looking to take his best players to get better 2 weeks before the playoffs. Oh, BTW, the 1st place team has both Gordon and Gurley. So he claimed that he didn't know about Gordon going forward so he wanted a good player. WELL DUH!!! But he essentially traded Drake for Kamara. Or 3 mutts for Kamara. Thoughts??