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  1. Sorry, apparently it was still private. This link should work now: This should let you download the spreadsheet: Also, I realized that the * is needed by names for hall of famers.
  2. Inspired by ESPN's Project Goat for baseball (, I came up with a similar challenge for fantasy basketball. I thought I would put info about it here in case anyone was interested. The goal is to create the best 20 player, standard 8-cat fantasy team from all-time with the following restrictions: - You can pick players/seasons from 1980-2020 - Between 4 and 6 players for each decade (2020 counts as 2010s, but is probably worthless with the shortened season) - No more than 1 player per team - No more than 1 player per year - No positional restrictions (because I got lazy on this) Here is a link to the Google Sheets I made for it that you can copy: You sometimes need to add * after the player name, and some names might not work. Just look in the stats tab if there are issues. I also made a Google forms if people want to enter their best team(s) there, although I haven't set up a way to show all the standings yet. My first attempt was 42670pts, 14457reb, 8843 assists,2699 steals, 2188 blocks, 1945 threes, 50.40%fg, 81.33%ft. Let me know if the links are not working.
  3. Here is a thread for a 20 team league that needs a lot more owners if it is going to happen. Unusual scoring.
  4. I would be interested My opinion would be to replace k's for hitters (not sure what to add, maybe split OPS to OBP and SLG) and blown saves/losses for pitchers (possibly split saves and holds and add k's) if you are not dead set on the current categories. But I don't know if other people like those categories.
  5. A replacement owner is needed for an inactive owner. The team is in 21st of 24 teams, so it should have good draft picks (none traded away). The league is 15 man rosters, keeping 12 for next year, standard 8cat H2H (8 team playoffs). It is in its first year now. Let me know if you are interested.Some of the team's players are Luka Porzingis Michael Porter Jr. Shamet Herro Bamba A. Simons Cam Johnson
  6. I would be interested. Email is
  7. I added you. Welcome to the league. Let me know (or ask everyone on the league page or groupme) if you have any questions or can't access the site. Feel free to change the team name if you want.
  8. Team 2 still needs a replacement, 1 not yet. A couple other teams might need replaced too. We have hit the point where some people have become inactive.
  9. A 24 team dynasty league needs 2 replacements. Roster size 15 with 12 keepers. Standard 8-cat. Message me if interested. There might be one more team needing a replacement soon, but I am waiting on the owner since I have not been checking activity the last couple weeks for Christmas. The league has a Groupme, but it is not required and is really dead The team's top players are Team 1 Lillard Vucevic Lonzo Wiggins Danny Green Davis Bertans TJ Warren Jordan Clarkson Team 2 Stephen Curry Kevin Love Zach LaVine Hassan Whiteside Derrick Favors Jeff Teague DeAndre Jordan Alec Burks
  10. He is still #96 on basketballmonster for the year... I would definitely not drop him since you could probably get something for him in a trade even with him playing poorly. Someone desperate for blocks might give up a top 50 or so player.
  11. I would probably do it since it is only 10 teams and you can get good value from streaming if you can't pick up another good player. But I will admit that I am pretty sure there are some people who really like PJ who wouldn't.
  12. I don't think I agree about Fultz being better than Rozier late season, but I wouldn't give both him and Lauri up for Rozier.
  13. Maybe, although I would want more since Whiteside has been much better for fantasy so far this year.
  14. I think Lauri is much better than Barnes. For the original question, technically KAT and AD are still the best, but they don't gain value. Guys who gain a lot include (repeating some) Love, Griffin,Draymond (if you like risk) Tatum,Gallinari,George,(if they have PF eligibility, not sure where they do and don't) Bojan Bogd. (if PF),Saric,Osman (Cheap or waiver add? Probably not worth dropping any of your guys) Davis Bertans Marcus Morris (probably a bad time to trade for him) If you are punting fg% and blocks, then you should definitely trade Whiteside since that is a lot of his value.
  15. This is my favorite forum when I need a laugh just because the comments change from positive to negative so much. People's opinions are everywhere, mainly because 1) People overreact to a couple good or bad games. I admit I get impatient too. People went nuts after PJ's first game and now everyone is dropping him. Personally, I think holding him or dropping him is reasonable for normal sized leagues depending on your team and who is on the waiver wire. I personally never bought in to him being a top-50 or top-75 guy and still view him as a 100-150ish player if he continues to play a lot. 2) People don't realize that good players in real life are not always as good for fantasy. You can find guys like Brandon Ingram (before this year) or Jaylen Brown who were hyped as good young players in real life with a lot of potential and put up decent stats at first glance. But they were terrible on ranking systems unless punt a category or two for them to be very useful. Before people complain: Yes, I know that PJ has a different statistical profile to Brown/Ingram.