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  1. Um no. Robinson > Mixon. I wouldn't do either trade. Once Godwin and CMac are back, would you even use McLaurin with Hopkins, Godwin and Boyd to choose from for (2) WR spots?
  2. LOL ok man, way to not fully understand my point... We'll revisit at the end of the season once the sample size is a bit larger.
  3. I never said to “take out week 4” bro. I have clearly said that basing this new proclamation that Anderson is new WR1 in Carolina just because he had more targets in 1 week is silly and reeks of recency bias and small sample size. I have zero shares of either so it seems like I’m the only one offering a take without any bias. See me at the end of the season.
  4. not saying this guy isn’t good (I’m pumped to have grabbed him) but I chuckle at how everyone around here labels darn near everyone a “league winner”. The criteria for that label seems pretty loose around here.
  5. LOL ok man. Let's just move on until the end of the season.
  6. When did I say that you said Cole and Washington were WR1s? I didn't? Right. -I am mocking the logic being thrown around here that Anderson is suddenly WR1 because he got more targets than Moore. That makes no sense. If you're intent is to toss around personal insults from your cute little keyboard on an internet messageboard, then all the power to ya. -I don't have Moore by the way. Just a brain -Have you looked at what targets are catchable vs which aren't? Have you looked at context as to WHY Anderson has more targets in 1 game and it's due to the coverage. Defenses view Moore as the WR1. End of conversaiton." Plain and simple." -There is no evidence that Moore is WR2 and Anderson is WR1 except speculation that you are basing off ONE GAME (week 4) where Anderson had more targets than Moore. But if you were an educated football viewer, you'd understand the WHY behind why Moore had less targets last week than Anderson. Like I said before, if you believe Anderson is WR1 because of week 4 when he had more targets, than the same train of thought would imply that you think Cole is WR1 in Jax and you'd be forgetting that the only reason he had more targets is because the ACTUAL WR1 was dictating coverage. EDIT: Oh yeah, no depth charts agree with your ASSUMPTION either. [...]
  7. OK? 4 weeks through the season, Robby Anderson is now WR1 in Carolina. Even though all depth charts list Moore as WR1 and we all know he's their WR1, let's use a small sample and claim Carolina views Anderson as their WR1. Hahaha ok. James Washington has 12 targets over Pittsburgh's last 2 games and Juju only has 13 so by a lot of "logic" in here, they're basically equal on the depth chart. Cole had 12 targets in weeks 1-2 while Chark had only 7 for Jax. Welp, I guess Cole is their WR1! LOL
  8. B-b-b-but Anderson got twice as many targets in week 4 so he's the number 1 now! LOL
  9. What are you talking about? I'm not sure where I got 38 but point still stands. Take away week 4 where coverage dicated targets, and Moore has more targets. Proclaiming after that (1) week that Anderson is now their WR1 is hilarious. Week 1: Moore 9, Anderson 8 Week 2: Moore 13, Anderson 10 Week 3: Moore 4, Anderson 5 Week 4: Moore 6, Anderson 11
  10. Haha according to what? Week 4 alone where coverage likely dictated it? Moore has 38 targets. Anderson, 34. Some of you overreact so much around here.
  11. What kind of 12-team league has David Johnson as a FA leading up to week 1?
  12. The offensive line was playing terribly and there were no lanes blocked for Conner early on. The line didn't start blocking until the 2nd Quarter when Conner was out of the game and Snell was the beneficiary of that.
  13. Cool. Tannehill had 43 pass attempts which is more than he had in any other game last season. Nevermind though, you're right. Because something happened in 2019, it is guaranteed to happen in 2020. Nothing ever changes and history always repeats itself.