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  1. Forgot about him (6'3" 200lbs). They also had Josh Gordon for part of last year as well (6'3" 225lbs).
  2. I don't think anyone said they did? The argument was that all of Seattle's WRs were "small, speed guys." They're not. In fact, it was emphasized that Metcalf was the ONLY one that isn't a "small, speed guy." I would argue that they now have (2) "small, speed guys" that will even see the field (this includes Dorsett).
  3. I remember last year when a few were trying to claim that Casey Mize was the better pitching prospect. @DerrickHenrysCleats, do you still feel that way?
  4. Sometimes people ignore all surrounding context (age, competition, etc) when it comes to evaluating players/athletes. This is a problem across all sports tbh.
  5. Sell high on Jackson to bring in some good pieces and roll with Murray as your QB.
  6. Huh? David Moore: 6'0" 215lbs Malik Turner: 6'2" 200lbs Cody Thompson 6'2" 200lbs These guys aren't DK Metcalf size but honestly, how many WRs are? Metcalf is a freak of nature lol. Labeling all of Seattle's WRs as "small speed guys" just isn't accurate. In fact, aside from Lockett, Dorsett looks to be the only "small, fast WR" that will get much playing time since Metcalf, Moore and Turner have some size.
  7. interesting read. Thanks for sharing. Though I take all random writer’s like that with a huge grain of salt. I’m very curious who “Steven Ruiz’s” sources are who told him how Tom Brady and Bill Belichick feel about one another. It’s all speculation. No one really knows except those involved.
  8. Didn’t think any of those equaled “scrap his entire system.” Point taken though. Either way, this random ESPN writer’s opinion isn’t enough to draw any conclusions anyway so to me it’s moot. Arians and Brady will 100% work together so that Arians system will be “altered”/“catered” to Tom’s strengths and what he likes. If not, then Arians shouldn’t be a coach in the NFL lol.
  9. I don’t think anyone ever said Arians would scrap his playbook and system though? Some said that Arians wouldn’t change his system AT ALL to fit Brady and others disagreed with that. Either way, for me personally - Jenna Laine’s opinion isn’t enough for me to come to any sort of conclusion.
  10. That wasn’t a quote from Tom though. Just Jenna Laine’s writing...
  11. I don't think he's an accurate passer. It was clear as day that my description of not being able to hit a barn was exaggerating. You took it otherwise and that's fine. You think he's an accurate QB based on 67.9 as you mentioned while ignoring all other context. I don't think he's an accurate passer. Lets agree to disagree.
  12. What? I didn't criticize the game plan. If that's what works, you do it. What I do have a problem with is people who fail to include any context and just use empty numbers in order to strengthen their arguments while criticizing opposing viewpoints. You used his completion percentage as a way to claim he is accurate. But you failed to include context. Any QB can pad their completion percentage stats with dump offs. Drew Brees is one who does this as well. However Brees is also accurate in the intermediate game while Cam Newton most certainly is NOT. You said "do we ding..." referring to Brees. I have said for YEARS that his completion percentage has been padded. Whenever people talk about his records, they fail to mention the context around it.
  13. Forgive me in that I use more context when grading a QB's accuracy other than simply completion percentage. If he dumps off to McCaffery for 11 of his 20 completions and each pass travels 8-10 ft while he's on his way to a 75% completion for the game, does that mean he's accurate? Seems like you don't factor in important context when telling me my "barns are super small." I'd argue that your criteria/standard for what you deem an accurate QB is extremely low and without context. Come on, man.
  14. You mean being a running back first and not being able to hit the broad side of a barn with an NFL pass when tasked with actually being a QB and going through ::gasp:: progressions?
  15. It always cracks me up when people make conclusions off of such small sample sizes. Also, L.O.L. at whoever thinks Brian Hoyer is going to be the Patriots starting QB next season.