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  1. Damn, my man for several weeks. Loved seeing him run, least he will be fresh come down fantasy playoffs
  2. Like the speed, just needs a decent floor before hes startable
  3. Like what I'm seeing, considering him [...] for flex spot week 8. Looks like lions turning it over to him sooner rather then later.
  4. Yea dude hasn't produced and he had perfect opportunity with Sutton out. Ive held on this long hoping he would provide me a wr3/bye week filler and not happening.Tbh I ranked Patrick ahead of him in Denver.
  5. Trust the talent, even studs put up duds sometimes
  6. Let's hope adp is 5th or higher😂
  7. I'm falling in love with Claypool just like Josh Gordon rookie and 2nd year. All in and probably will draft him a round or 2 early next year. Let's go!!!
  8. Let's hope he at least gains 50% of the carries going forward. Hard to gauge with Patricia as head coach but will produce with usage, dude is the most talented back in that backfield.
  9. Yep made the switch for cooks in mid week...he definitely at the end of my bench going forward only going to be used for bye weeks fill in if needed
  10. Yea, the saints game was the first game I actually saw alot of his runs. Prior to that thought he had some juice from reading articles etc, after watching that game, jag it is. Will have to drop due to bye week and needing a rb.
  11. Traded away Ronald Jones for AJ Brown in 12 team half ppr.
  12. I'm confident he will another multi td game. All aboard the Claypool train.
  13. Told my matchup who is in first, that he will suck on claypools tds after he said I sucked. Hell, I might post the league record for pts this week lol. Needed all the points because he will post the 2nd highest score of the week.
  14. Ha, I have Bell in IR too, though yahoo hasn't forced me to take him out of IR yet..
  15. Hard to say, I have kelley in my bench and most likely wouldn't have traded for chubb at this moment. Due to covid, any starting rb can be out of your lineup any given week. Would rather have an active body then an injured bye weeks will start to heat up for the next 3 to 4 weeks.