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  1. red zone announcer bout rivers, "all time great qb" smh
  2. feel like I finally have a te this season, took me 12 weeks lol
  3. of the top of my head, david johnson Philip rivers James Conner Delanie Walker
  4. brian hill, mostert that where my hope was this week, season is over
  5. reading the newer posts here and watching FFN, just put dj on bench and got monstah on flex over him cant remember ever having no names rbs like this week, rb 2 b hill flex mostert...
  6. yep I have Everett as te this week and will be starting Hollister over him ros
  7. yea he ain't the same player, even if hes healthy this year or next we won be seeing the old dj anymore. As a Texans fan it reminds me of jj watt, but Watt was playing above avg. We wont see the Watt from 2014-16 anymore, same with DJ.
  8. try doing that since last season smh, even my big weeks I had one player with big dud
  9. yea hes close to joining rivers on my dnd list, at best maybe flex spot next year
  10. man in 2nd in scoring and heading to 3-7 and basically out of playoffs unless a miracle happens
  11. wow dj closed to being on my do not draft list after having deal with this bs season... rivers already on it
  12. yea I'm looking at 3-7 unless my team wakes up. DJ straight bombed for me again smh
  13. what's worst is I a traded conner for this clown back in week 5