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  1. Lyles lookin' pretty good with Aldridge back in the mix. Suddenly lookin' like a decent 12-team pick-up.
  2. Doesn't it seem like a possibility that they give Baynes a longer leash from here on out, regardless of Ayton's return? Back to back stellar games right after DNP's and they beat the Bucks tonight. Giannis or no, that team is ridiculous. Or is this just wishful thinking and I shouldn't hastily drop one of my end of bench guys for him...?
  3. An impeccable one, AssyBounce. An impeccable one.
  4. I'm glad there exists another sane one among us.
  5. Man, Payton is only 26.. Is that not considered "young?!"
  6. I was dooped! Dooped! Time to drop him for someone else just before he goes 22/7/7/2/1.
  7. I'm gonna say it now - Biyomobo is gonna be a sneaky add ROS.
  8. You might be right, but didn't Powell do most of his damage when the Raps roster was either without Lowry or Van? They're fully healthy now and I don't see the same production from Powell. Shabazz on the other hand seems to have the green light, current starting gig and sufficient minutes ROS. And re. Playoffs it depends. My week starts on 22, where Shabazz goes 4-4-3 and Norm goes 3-4-3. I could be completely wrong but I feel like Shabazz has potential to finish strong (more so than Powell anyway).
  9. Agreed. He took 15 shots tonight, 17 last game, so he clearly has the green light. I'll be holding as well, especially since he has a lovely playoff schedule (if yours start on week 22).
  10. Personally I'm not biting until the deadline passes and Warriors don't acquire a better C. And if he's scooped up by then and they don't make an acquisition, well I'll just have to live with that regret for the rest of my years.
  11. Well even though it took Bagley and Holmes being out, Dedmon is finally playing like most thought he would at the beginning of the season.
  12. Funny to consider, we get frustrated by the suspension, his actions, but if it didn't play out the way it did he likely wouldn't have had that triple double tonight. I like to see it as a metaphor for life; how the "bad" things flow into the "good" things; but what's bad for one person can be a good thing for the next person over (and vice versa); 'tis why we have to do our best to embrace it all! Crazy how all that **** works. Life. Anyway, I had a puff, so I think this is where this rambling diatribe is coming from.
  13. Call me crazy, but I think WCS is gonna have a nice role for the Mavs when he's up to speed with the team, and the offensive options in Doncic, Porz, will further allow him to thrive and get open looks and second chance points. His steals for a center are pretty damn wonderful too (had two in his first 16-minute game with the Mavs). In one month's time I see him, dare I say, as being an ideal end of the bench guy in 12-team leagues.
  14. If you guys haven't watched it yet.. Beautiful stuff. (Reset to 0:00 if it doesn't do it for you).