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  1. RJ Barrett. Woof. And that's coming from me, Coach K.
  2. I think they go for 70 wins... so I think ROS his outlook looks the same as it is currently. I was hopeful of him overtaking matthews in the starting lineup to get to 30 mins but I dont think thats going to happen now edit: To add, I watch a lot of bucks games and he closes most of them out already with them blowing teams out of the water as is. That's why I dont think his minutes will increase down the road
  3. graham is better than nunn but god that kid will wreck your fg % with my team id honestly probably rather own nunn.. I dont punt categories. dont believe in it unless youre forced by owning graham or giannis lol
  4. his on-ball defense. he's the best defender on the team and previously was shooting with confidence. His efforts arent translating for fantasy purposes but that has nothing to do with passing an eye test. Aside from being the youngest player in the league with no blake griffin ahead of him who actually affects his playing time unlike drummond who wont affect his playing time. That being said, I wouldnt blame anyone for dropping him. If hes not producing fantasy stats then its tough to hold. Personally im still holding for a tad longer but he's losing my trust
  5. there was a couple weeks where i had literally 7 guys IL eligible some of which were my top contributors cant drop them all. FML is an understatement. bend my life over without lube and rape my metaphoric balloon knot
  6. not a thunder fan but i tend to watch every game of my "scrubs" to see if theyre worthy of my precious roster spots. His FT stroke looks okay to me..nothing spectacular but has a good follow through and a lot smoother than a lot of the big clunky centers in the league. Havent compared previous years mechanics or anything but doesnt appear like a major regression is coming, maybe a slight dip to like 75-78%. I think its real for the most part
  7. Ill probably be holding ROS regardless
  8. rotoworld has the biggest bunch of a** analysts a website could congregate into one place. Articles are total bullshit and their predictions and interpretations of situations are hot a** garbage. I only come here to fade every single pick they make and its working out quite nicely for me some of the "news" blurbs where they recommend dropping players or telling you this guy just wont make it are straight up comical
  9. Kid looks good out there. Youngen with more time than anyone in the league to develop. Biggest takeaway for me is his confidence. He hasnt backed down from any defensive match-up and hes shooting with confidence. Promising
  10. I get the point youre making, but its much simpler than that. Confidence goes a long way with players as its a mental game, but basketball is still a business. Holmes is proving his worth as an asset whether hes a part of their future or not. Everyone said the same thing before bagley came back from injury and after a week of tinkering they found their way back into the starting lineup together. Cream rises to the top. Holmes > bjelica. Theyll find him minutes
  11. Holmes aint going anywhere. I don't understand this type of thinking.. nothing has been shown or said to give any reason anything would change to Holmes role after coming back. He'll likely come off the bench to play 20-25 mins for the first week, everyone will freak out and drop him, these boards will burn and then he'll slide right back into the starting role with a slight reduction to minutes, probably more like 28 mins a night ROS. All these fantasy plebians out here makin my head hurt
  12. Kid is playing really nice on-ball defense. Did an admirable job on lebron the other night.. I don't think his minutes will drop below 30 any night just for the glaring need at SF with his ability to guard PF. Casey has also shown he's not afraid to go big with drummond/wood/sekou with the right matchup Morris shouldn't have any impact, but who knows with detroit
  13. Gafford gonna get 25 mins and thad will soak up the rest to put him up around 30-34. Thad gets steals and better scoring, gaff gets blocks better rebounder. pick your poison both are awful ft shooters matchups probably bump gaffords time up for the big bois
  14. HEYOOOO Lonzo, my man. Keeping the dream alive
  15. Richaun Holmes was a "Journeyman" too.. and you can see all he needed was a bit of opportunity and a vote of confidence from the coaching staff to play like the best godamn player on that team. I think there are serious talents out there that teams are oblivious to, however, to the point I agree with you on.. I don't think Christian Wood is that guy and I dont own stock in him lol. I am stashing Dombooya or however the fck you spell it
  16. They have too many options with Ayton back.. Small ball 4 with Kelly and Mikal, Kaminsky getting in there some and cam johnson if he hits his first couple. Not worth the hold imo.
  17. Bad record, but they were bad last year too and that didn't stop him from playing then so I don't see it happening now either.
  18. You can certainly roster both, assuming they're both available, but personally i try to limit the number of guys like this on my bench. I kept Nerlens because I believe in a steven adams trade, and they wont trade for a better center so worst case scenario he's in a timesplit with someone like enes kanter which is perfectly fine for nerlens to produce. I also have a general rule of thumb to stay away from all Spurs players not named Derozan or LMA, but that's my personal rule. I only added this statistical comparison because someone was saying poetl was better than nerlens per minute block production.
  19. He keeps saying to sell because of Dragic and Winslow, but neither have shown they can stay healthy so he remains must own until that changes. I definitely dont agree with a lot Josh says, but it's nice to have an opinion other than your own sometimes.
  20. No they haven't shared the court this year yet, but Bagley played exclusively PF last year and shared the court with WCS at times so I don't think anyone should panic. Expect at least the next two weeks for fluctuating lineups and rotation experiments so Walton and the coaching staff can get a feel for which lineups work and which don't. People panic all the time but that's the nature of humans. Just relax and see how the rotations pan out the next two weeks. If it sticks and they are splitting minutes after that, then adjust accordingly. I watch Sac games and Holmes is a defensive monster. He wins games off of his solid defensive performances and made another great defensive effort to stay in front and alter the last second shot of Chris Paul to secure this last game. I don't think Walton will keep the two completely separated out of necessity. Hang in there boys
  21. Here is a comparison of Poetl and Noel for both season AVGs and TOTALS.. as you can see they are basically identical except for Noel being better in efficiency and steals and worse in REBS. It's more opinion on whether you think Poetl can stick in Pop's rotations and remain consistent with LMA going forward or if you believe in Noel's stash appeal. EDITED: Point of this was comparing block and steal rates ( as that is their value) on a per-minute basis. RANK GP MP FGM/FGA FG% FTM/FTA FT% 3s POINTS REBS ASST STEALS BLOCKS T/O 171 23 18:52 2.6/4.4 0.594 0.8/1.5 0.559 0 6 6 1.5 0.6 1.3 0.9 86 22 18:35 3.0/4.6 0.647 1.5/2.0 0.791 0 7.5 5 1.5 1 1.6 1 123 23 18:52 60/101 0.594 19/34 0.559 0 139 139 35 14 31 21 59 22 18:35 66/102 0.647 34/43 0.791 0 166 111 34 21 35 23
  22. 4 20 6 11 3 2 7 aside from the TO outlier, that line is sick asf what else were you hoping for?? he almost got a 5 by 3 on insane efficiency.. wtf wrong with these kids. obviously he won't do this every night and has a very long way to go to prove consistency and reliability but it's certainly encouraging
  23. Don't just quote these scrub a** rotoworld analysts lol. Players get relegated to bench on minutes restrictions all the time after coming back from injury. He's the best passer on this team (including jrue), and i'd find it very hard to believe they've given up on him already. This last game doesn't move the needle for me anyways