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  1. I had him last year as well, I think it was at least 2-3 TDs called back by penalties, could have been more.
  2. Koo, unless he kicks his way out of a job.
  3. I'd rank him or Butker #1 Kicker next year.
  4. Winston would be way too turnover prone for BB's liking.
  5. Losing Hopkins and relying on Fragile Fuller to be your WR1 = not good.
  6. The most annoying thing about the 17 game season IMO is how it will affect single season and career stat records like most passing yards, TDs, rushing yards, etc. I know this can and has happened with any sport, including football, but it still annoys me.
  7. People keep posting about his 2020 outlook in the 2019 thread so as a public service I'm creating this thread. I worry a bit about passing volume, though I agree with the takes that he can be a WR2. I'm not scared of Pettis. What intrigues me is that he was getting 1-3 carries every game from Week 13 through the Super Bowl, getting 28 rush ypg and 2 rushing TDs over that span.
  8. I definitely agree about there being a lot of WRs close in value, with great talent after the first few rounds, and next year looking like a year to invest in RB early.
  9. It's these unknowns that make me worried about drafting Parker as a next year, namely about his QB and whether Fitzpatrick will actually start the whole year. Using the predraft rankings you posted, though with the caveat that I haven't really thought about next year's rankings yet, Parker in the mid teens (WR2) feels risky, but the mid twenties (WR3) feels acceptable.
  10. In the Keenan Allen thread you posted about Allen being fed by Rivers, then the Chargers released Rivers. Here you posted about Hunt staying out of trouble and then this news comes out. I like you as a poster but I might need to avoid whomever you draft next year - you've got some bad mojo around you.
  11. ELI MANNINGQB, NEW YORK GIANTS Eli Manning announced his retirement from the NFL after 16 seasons. The 39-year-old two-time Super Bowl MVP will reportedly hang up his cleats with a 117-117 record over 16 seasons with the Giants. He quietly walks away with the seventh-most passing yards (57,023) and passing touchdowns (366) in league history, somehow never missing a game due to injury. Though his play clearly tailed off in his waning seasons before inevitably passing the torch to No. 6 overall pick Daniel Jones, Manning's perfect 38-yard rope to Mario Manningham in Super Bowl XLVI and, of course, his 32-yard strike to David Tyree's helmet in Super Bowl XLII will both live in perpetuity among February highlight reels. His two Super Bowl rings likely make him a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame despite conflicting opinions. SOURCE: Dan Graziano on Twitter Jan 22, 2020, 4:55 PM ET
  12. If you have Damien Williams in your 0.5 PPR league, he now has 2.65 fantasy-points-per-touch!
  13. Bill O'Brien, about 90 min from now: