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  1. If you have Damien Williams in your 0.5 PPR league, he now has 2.65 fantasy-points-per-touch!
  2. Bill O'Brien, about 90 min from now:
  3. Jackson has nearly over 4 times as many pass attempts as Tannehill, that has to be a record...
  4. IIRC his yards per game were similar to his career averages though a bit down, but yes his TD totals were like a pendulum swing his year. I had him this year and it was frustrating, especially after seeing what Murray did when Kamara was out. Without thinking too much about it I can still see Kamara drafted somewhere around RB5-8 next year, depending on format.
  5. If Hill becomes the starting QB, Kamara will never score another rushing TD.
  6. With Hill around, Kamara just feels like a rich man's James White.
  7. Realistically, if the Pats squeaked out a win, they'd probably just lose to BAL/KC/SF/NO.
  8. @cashvillesent@SyNdicateZ the board just has to know - are you going to do a Titans vs Pats rematch in Madden?
  9. Where it helped: Godwin, Golladay. Where it hurt: Cam Newton and his historic success, Mixon (first half of the year), and actually Lamar Jackson. I felt like I saw a ton of articles hyping up Lamar Jackson so my feeling turned into "if all of these experts are hyping him, it's too good to be true."
  10. Let's see if TB drafts or signs a new QB next year. If they do then unfortunately Winston will be at risk of a mid-game benching like 2018.
  11. Nvm - was wrong about Hunt's status.