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  1. It's risky because of your depth of course. I agree with taking Thomas but double check when Chubb is supposed to come back. Ideally, Ekeler will remain out until Chubb is back, letting you start Jackson with some confidence until Chubb is healthy again.
  2. I agree with the others about keeping Jacobs. He's a solid RB1 and I think you could get more out of him since Gaskin's value is a bit of a wildcard now.
  3. If we assume both Kamara and Drake gets hurt, I'd say Murray has more upside. If both Kamara and Drake stay healthy, it feels like Edmonds has more value as a FLEX since he's still getting a decent number of catches, and there's always the chance Drake plays badly and ARI decides to involve Edmonds more. I'd pick Murray based on upside but I wouldn't disagree if someone likes Edmonds more.
  4. Eh I decided to do the same and get Antonio Brown. At this point I see both of them as lottery tickets and the player I'd cut if I needed a bye week/COVID filler.
  5. That would be amazing simply because that means Fitz would've played for every AFC East team.
  6. For everyone else that's still holding Akers, how long do you think you'll do so? I'm still holding onto Akers unless there's a great WW pickup, but he'll be the first one I cut if I need someone due to bye weeks/COVID.
  7. The season is about 1/3 over, let's see the top 10 kickers so far. I'll update this a few more times during the season. These are based on Yahoo standard scoring: Average points Rosas - 15 (let's not count this one, just one game) Koo - 13.40 McManus - 11.60 Tucker - 11.33 Blankenship - 11.33 Sanders - 11.33 Carlson - 11.20 Bullock - 11.17 Gostkowski - 10.20 Gano - 10.17 Slye - 10.17 Total points Sanders - 68 Blankenship - 68 Tucker - 68 Koo - 67 (missed a game) Bullock - 67 Slye - 61 Gano - 61 McManus - 58 (had bye week) Carlson - 56 (had bye week) Succop - 53
  8. Should be a bounce back game, it should be high scoring on both sides. I didn't watch last game but it seems like TB defense is legit this year.
  9. Juju was a high risk/high reward pick. One of the main risks was Big Ben's health, but the assumption was that Juju would get peppered with targets as long as Big Ben was healthy. I had Juju last year too so it's not like I didn't know what we has like last year. I'm planning to bench Juju for at least a couple weeks. Too early to drop him but it's something to think about if things don't change after a few weeks.
  10. "Thank you all for being here. How about each of you start with what pick you drafted Drake with, and who you could've taken instead?"
  11. We're six weeks in and Murray is averaging a rushing TD per game. If Drake had at least half of those....
  12. I have Greg in a league, we may need to drop him soon. I'm willing to give it a few games to see how Dallas does.
  13. Happy to see Drake with the short TD, even though it won't help me this week. When I drafted Drake and Montgomery I knew one of them would hardly get passes and be mediocre trash, but not who I was expecting.