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  1. Not sure if I trust the consistency of JJJ and Harrell, Ayton has been a monster and should continue to feast but has a bad playoff schedule. I could use the bump in blocks and this trade shouldnt hurt my fg
  2. hm sorry i did not realize kanter has been playing more minutes recently, i still would want the randle side
  3. randle, kanter has been irrelevant lately and ingles has had a very slow 1st half
  4. I understand. He has been so good this year and seems indestructible, a very reliable fantasy asset.
  5. should i trade my tj warren for him? Im punting FT, 3s
  6. what would you want this trade for? I would say no. Dipo seems like better ros than paul and ibaka is performing almost as well as fox is.
  7. drop schroder, wendell will start playing more constistently
  8. hold siakam bryant, mirotic just coming back from injury and could get hurt again, same with millsap. Bryant will get all the work he can handle as well as siakam